VolumeRAD™ Digital Tomosynthesis

Volumetric images at a low dose. Right here, right now.
Volumetric images at a low dose. Right here, right now.

VolumeRAD digital tomosynthesis

Today clinicians rely on standard radiography as the first diagnostic test for most chest, orthopedic and trauma cases. Advanced medical imaging is often ordered for complex cases that radiography cannot solve. These additional imaging modalities may result in higher radiation exposure, higher imaging costs, and a delay in diagnosis & treatment that could also mean more anxiety and discomfort for the patient.

VolumeRAD Digital Tomosynthesis brings 3-dimensional imaging into your radiography room, helping you resolve inconclusive x-rays "here and now" with minimal added radiation. Our cost-effective technology helps improve patient experience by providing additional information that could help make care decisions faster.

With VolumeRAD:

  • Obtain multiple cross-section images of the anatomy in a single sweep at a low dose, including chest, abdomen, extremities, spine, skull & sinuses
  • Resolve inconclusive x-rays in orthopedic & trauma cases efficiently
  • Achieve superior lung nodule detection sensitivity compared to conventional chest x-ray
  • Improve patient experience with advanced imaging "here and now"

7.5 increase in lung nodule sensitivity for nodules between 4 mm and 6 mm diameter vs. standard X-Ray. No clinical evidence has been established supporting the following claims in patients with active lung or pleural disease that could obscure pulmonary nodules, including fibrosis, emphysema, compressed lung, scarring, severe lung disease, and in patients with objects in or around the lungs that could obscure pulmonary nodules. The effectiveness of the device may vary depending on nodule prevalence and type.

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VolumeRAD for lung nodule detection


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