Definium™ 656 HD

Our comprehensive and versatile digital OTS x-ray system delivers advanced applications for precise views and greater clarity, simplified workflows, and enhanced imaging operations.
At a glance

Motorization and auto-positioning

Speed up workflow and reduce strain on technologists

Automated† in-room workflows

Reduce walking steps, button pushes, and clicks and be at the patient's side

3D camera technology apps

Produce more consistent images while avoiding repeated x-rays

Advanced applications and IQ

Enable radiologists to consistently see more details and provide quality diagnosis

Give your radiology department a personal assistant with Definium™ 656 HD

This easy-to-use system features the widest range of clinical applications, full component automation, the fastest motorized movement, and the highest weight capacity of any GE Healthcare x-ray system. It helps technologists perform more consistent, efficient exams and provides radiologists with the high-quality images necessary for clinical confidence. All at a low total cost of ownership.

Definitive insights. Exceptional experience.

The Definium 656 HD system works with and for your radiology department to enhance imaging operations by providing streamlined workflows, advanced applications, and a high-quality imaging chain for greater image clarity.

A system designed for effortless, effective, and efficient imaging

Speed and automation –5-axis motorized OTS with auto-positioning and auto-tracking reduces physical strain on technologists, speeds workflow, and improves image consistency.
Enhanced in-room workflows – A smart tube head console with 12'' touch screen reduces trips to the control room for better patient management.
Increased efficiency, reduced rework – Intelligent Workflow Suite† uses a 3D camera to assist technologists in patient size selection and alignment for less retakes.
Greater capacity and coverage – A bariatric elevating table has the highest weight capacity of any GE x-ray system. Low loading height and fast movement provide for safe patient transfer and positioning.

Advanced technologies minimize variability and improve diagnostic confidence

Consistent clarity – FlashPad™ HD Detectors and Helix 2.2. advanced imaging processing combine to deliver high-quality images regardless of dose, patient size or positioning, field of view, or metal implants.
Critical data, less dose – VolumeRAD™ digital tomosynthesis with Metal Artifact Reduction† (MAR) provides multi-level image slice data similar to a CT at very low doses.
Enhanced insights – Dual Energy Subtraction† eliminates obstructions from overlying bones to reveal more information on the soft tissue image and calcifications on the bone image.
Expanded capabilities – Auto Image Paste† enhanced with Auto Spine offers precision and speed for seamless long bone and scoliosis exams.

A system designed to protect, support, and further your radiology department

Highly configurable – Meets your specific imaging needs and room size requirements.
Rugged reliability – Tested for hundreds of thousands of cycles for the complete system and individual components.
Common user interface – Reduces training time and costs across GE Healthcare fixed and mobile systems.
Backward compatible – Works with GE legacy OTS systems mechanical infrastructure.
Critical features – Includes cybersecurity protection, cloud-based downloadable software updates, and remote system monitoring.
Powerful efficiency analytics – Offers tools like Repeat/Reject Analysis†, X-ray Quality Application†, and iCenter™ Asset Management†.
World-renowned GE support and service – Available on-site or remotely.

Empower technologists with streamlined workflows, automated component movement and synchronization.

Reduce workflow steps and actions per step with a user-centered design and easy-to-use features. The Definium 656 HD's simplified workflow helps reduce patient positioning time, physical workload, errors, and image retakes.

In-room workflows with the Definium OTS console

A technologically advanced, ergonomic, easy-to-use tube head console acts as an in-room command center to do everything at the patient bedside, without having to walk back and forth outside the room.

Automated workflows

Skip the screens, skip the clicks. Put a stop to the multiplier effect, where multiple actions are often required to accomplish a single workflow step, and each step requires more actions, cascading upon each other.

Automatic motorized OTS movement

The system automatically positions components so you don't have to. 5-axis movement of the OTS in the vertical, longitudinal, and lateral directions, plus tube angulation and column rotation, reduces manual effort.

Synchronized component movement at the wall stand and the table

The systen automatically synchronizes the position of components, so you don’t have to manually adjust them. Technologists save time with less walking, less manual exertion, and easier patient alignment.


Keep your eyes on the patient when you can’t be in the room

To get the best image the first time, a camera on the x-ray tube head sends live streaming video of the patient imaging area to the acquisition workstation console. This allows technologists to monitor patient status, positioning, and movement before an x-ray is taken.

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Make the first image count with the Intelligent Workflow Suite†

Live streaming video and 3D cameras on the Definium 656 HD solve for common errors and inefficiencies within the imaging department:

  • - Positioning errors
  • - Poor image quality due to incorrect patient habitus
  • - Ambiguities in the image due to imaging conditions

Intelligent Workflow Suite – Position Assist†

Provides confidence in patient positioning at the time of exposure by showing the detector boundaries, ion chamber locations and active ion chambers on the live video at the acquisition workstation.

Intelligent Workflow Suite – Technique Assist†

Helps create more consistent images by automatically measuring the thickness of the patient habitus so the imaging technique is optimized for the patients real characteristics.

Intelligent Workflow Suite – Patient Snapshot†

Provides an optical picture, taken at the same time as the x-ray, to help radiologists understand foreign objects and other unique exam conditions that often slow down diagnosis.

Make clinical decisions confidently with enhanced image clarity, contrast, and resolution

The Definium 656 HD uses high-quality FlashPad detectors, advanced applications, and AI-driven Helix Advanced Image Processing software. It’s a combination that reduces variability and enhances image quality.

GE x-ray image chain with FlashPad HD detectors

Provides extraordinary anatomical detail at low dose with high-power tube and generator options, and high-resolution durable wireless detectors that can be shared between systems across the GE x-ray fleet.

Advanced Application – VolumeRAD™ Digital Tomosynthesis†

Brings 3D imaging into the radiography room, helping resolve inconclusive x-rays quickly, with minimal added radiation. Cost-effectively helps provide information to make care decisions faster.

Advanced Application – Angulated Auto Image Paste†

Fast, precise and highly automated, seamless long bone and spine image stitching. Automatically creates a single stitched image that extends beyond the size of the detector.

Advanced application – Dual Energy Subtraction†

Helps to eliminate obstructions from overlying bones while providing additional information on calcifications in chest studies.

Helix 2.2 Advanced Image Processing

Delivers outstanding clarity and extraordinary anatomical detail across image types with anatomy specific image enhancement.

Advanced image processing applications for custom image looks

Every site is unique with different image presentations needed to efficiently reach a diagnosis. These tools provide radiologists with the insights needed to efficiently select optimized image looks for their site.


Definium™ 656 HD Gen6 is a commercial configuration of the Discovery™ XR656 HD
Denotes optional feature

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