Definium™ Pace

Empower your team with our affordable, easy-to-use, floor-mount digital X-ray system that’s designed to help radiographers consistently acquire diagnostic-quality images.

Premium image quality

See improved clarity across every anatomy and patient type with new technology

Consistent performance

Reduce variability across radiographers with assistive software-aided workflows

Rugged and reliable

Reduce worry with a system designed, built, and tested for demanding environments

Exceptional value

Ensure maximum return on investment with affordable, reliable, and easy-to-use equipment

Reduce variability with confidence that comes at an affordable price

There are a lot of variables in X-ray. But whether you’re managing patient volumes,  radiographer skill, patient physicality or specific imaging needs, what matters most is image quality. And that is dependent on the equipment and the individual taking the shot. Definium Pace addresses variability by providing a capable yet affordable system that’s equipped to help radiographers get the image right.

In need of a system to support your essential digital X-ray diagnostic demands?

With Definium Pace, you’ll see team confidence soar. Capabilities previously only available on more expensive systems help clinics reduce repeats and retakes. This rugged and reliable system is also low on maintenance, so you can count on high uptime.

Reduce retakes and repeats with advanced software and hardware capabilities

GE HealthCare X-ray imaging chain, a high-power generator with high heat capacity plus the large size, pixel-dense FlashPad™ Select Detector¹ work together with high detective efficiency, so even the smallest structures can be resolved.

AutoGrid software automatically produces images with the equivalent contrast and quality of a physical grid2 with far less physical and mental labor, while reducing the opportunity for radiographer-induced errors.

AI-driven Helix™ 2.2 advanced image processing delivers consistent high-quality images regardless of variations in dose, patient positioning, field of view, and metal.


Even new radiographers can get up to speed quickly

With minimal training and features that help them get the image right on the first try, time and time again.

Auto Protocol Assist (APA)3 software automatically selects the correct exam protocol and exposure, reducing workload while providing image consistency across the team.

Clear Positioning Indication provides radiographers with simple visual indications of angulation and source-to-image receptor distance (SID) to optimize image creation.

Quality Care Suite3 on-device AI algorithms perform automated quality checks for protocol mismatches, clipped images, and incorrectly hung images to fix problems before images are sent for review.


An investment that continues to pay back

With an attractive price point, durability, and supportive connectivity, this system is an investment that continues to pay back.

Designed for rugged reliability and confirmed in testing to help meet your most demanding clinical expectations.

Software downloads enable remote quality and cybersecurity updates.

Easy, common User Interface (UI) allows radiographers to quickly get up and running and easily move between different GE HealthCare X-ray systems.

Connected service apps provide support that never sleeps.

InSite Remote Service Platform (RSvP) and access to GE HealthCare parts and service help you avoid unplanned downtime.

Designed with software and hardware components to capture high-quality images of any patient and anatomy

Clinicians require quality images to make confident diagnoses. Definium Pace gives clinicians what they need by providing equipment capable of taking the best image and software that enhances those good images.

FlashPad Select digital detector

Going digital means fast and efficient exam procedures. Additionally, digital detectors eliminate time spent handling film and cassettes - and reliability issues inherent in cassette tray systems.

GE HealthCare imaging chain

High-power tube and generator options enable imaging of all patient anatomies and patient types. They also provide the needed X-ray throughput without having to wait for the system to cool.

AutoGrid software

Like a physical grid, this software delivers contrast improvements that lead to shorter exams and fewer retakes. This results in a decrease in patient dose and an increase in department productivity.

Helix™ advanced image processing

Delivers outstanding clarity and extraordinary anatomical detail across image types with anatomy specific image enhancement.

Advanced image processing applications for custom image looks

Every site has unique image presentation requirements so clinicians can efficiently reach a diagnosis. These tools provide radiologists with the insights needed to efficiently select optimized image looks for their site.

Designed to assist and empower any radiographers to capture high quality images of any patient and anatomy the first time, everytime.

There are thousands of possible combinations of exposure factors, patient positions, and equipment positions that a radiographers must get right to create a good image. Definium Pace helps radiographers overcome this challenge and create the consistent images radiologists demand.

Auto Protocol Assist (APA) software

Automatically establishes the requested exam procedure according to the information from the worklist and thus ensures consistency in exposure factor selection.

Clear Positioning Indication

Correct X-ray tube positioning from the detector (source-to-image receptor distance, SID), and correct angle to the detector for a given procedure are important for creating high-quality images.

Quality Care Suite

On-device solution for X-ray that includes AI algorithms that operate in parallel to help radiographers reduce image quality errors and improve efficiency.

Designed for peace of mind

The total cost of ownership (TCO) of a system can be highly influenced by how often the system is down, how long repairs take, and how much repairs or a service contract cost. This TCO is also influenced by how easy the system is to learn and use.

Trust in our rugged reliability

The first step in lowering the TCO of a system is to make it highly reliable by testing the durability of all parts and components, and providing a system that doesn’t break down often.

Protect your facility with cybersecurity and updates

You’ll want to ensure your facility is protected when it comes to cybersecurity due to increased risk of cyberattacks, malware, and security vulnerabilities.

Easy, common user interface (UI)

Staffing can be a challenge at many facilities, with shortages, burnout, and injuries. An intuitive, easy-to-learn system can help to alleviate the burden of staff turnover.

Depend on our extensive parts and service network

If your system goes down, we can help. Confidently rely on highly trained experts that can provide 24-hour troubleshooting and repair, with access to a strategic global network of parts warehouses.

Disclaimers & References

Products mentioned in the material may be subject to government regulations and may not be available in all countries. Shipment and effective sale can only occur after approval from the regulator. Please check with your local GE HealthCare representative for details.

  1. The FlashPad Select Detector is a new detector specifically introduced with the Definium™ Pace Select system. It is currently not compatible with other GE HealthCare fixed and mobile X-ray systems.
  2. GE HealthCare data on file (JB77154XX).
  3. Definium Pace is not commercially available in all markets. Check with your local GE HealthCare representative for availability in your country.

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