Definium™ Tempo

Our advanced digital OTS X-ray system leverages automation to reduce workflow burdens and help radiology departments deliver the best patient care possible.

A personal assistant

Helping you deliver consistent, highly automated, efficient exams

Auto Positioning¹

Reduces physical strain on technologists and speeds workflow

Intelligent Workflow Suite

Uses a 3D camera to assist technologists for less retakes

Consistent clarity

FlashPad™ HD detectors and Helix™ advanced image processing deliver high-quality images

The next generation fixed X-ray system

Definium™ Tempo is designed to simplify technologist’s workflow, improve consistency and diagnostic confidence, and reduce errors to keep your radiology department running smoothly.

Deliver the simplest to the most complex exams with ease, speed, quality, and consistency

A personal assistant

Automates tasks and provides information where and when needed to help deliver consistent, highly automated, efficient exams that impart clinical confidence while reducing workload.

Simplify workflow

Speeds up exams, reduces retakes, and lowers the strain on technologists by reducing the number of workflow steps, automatically moving system components, and intelligently proving information before errors occur.

Improve diagnostic confidence

Assists radiologists by providing consistent high quality images utilizing industry leading detectors, AI-driven Helix™ 2.1 advanced image processing and advanced applications such as Auto Image Paste and Dual Energy Subtraction.

Definium OTS Console: A technologically advanced, ergonomic, and easy-to-use tube head console

Do everything you need at the patient bedside without having to walk back and forth to the acquisition workstation outside the room including worklist management and patient selection, protocol selection, technique modification, and positioning setup.

Live streaming video helps prevent errors before they occur

A camera situated on the x-ray tube head provides live streaming video of the patient imaging area onto the acquisition workstation console helping monitor patient movement and position before X-ray is taken.

"As a radiologist, image quality is everything and these images are a definite upgrade. It’s also had an immediate impact and been well-received by all our staff members, because it’s simple to use - with minimal steps and clicks required...”

Orlando Ortiz, MD

Radiologist and Department Chair – Jacobi Medical Center

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Intelligent Workflow Suite¹

Combines computer vision, video analytics and precision engineering to deliver a solution for common errors and inefficiencies within the imaging department, producing consistent images while increasing productivity.

Position Assist

Overlays the detector boundaries and ion chamber locations onto the live patient image, adjusting in real-time.

Technique Assist

Utilizes 3D cameras to measure the thickness of the patient and, using a database of programmable sizes, suggest a patient size optimized to the specific patient.

Patient Snapshot

Takes an optical picture at the same time as the x-ray exposure. The system then attaches the picture as a secondary DICOM capture when sent to the PACS, providing context to the radiologist.

“The repeat and reject rate at North Central Bronx Hospital in New York City dropped from 4.5 % to 1.2% with the addition of the Definium Tempo System.”

Jeannie Miller

Associate Radiology Director – North Central Bronx Hospital

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Definium™ Tempo works together with you to speed up the imaging process

  1. Denotes optional feature

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