Definium™ 646 HD* X-ray system powered by Helix™ 2.0

Optimize your X-ray experience with versatility, speed and precision for all your patients.

Get the diagnostic clarity you need from that first X-ray

Helix™ 2.0 Advanced Image Processing delivers sharp detail and consistent performance in X-ray, despite variations in exposure technique and challenging exam conditions.
  • Dual Energy

  • Auto Image Paste

  • Standalone Helix™ Workstation

  • Live Streaming Camera

  • Extraordinary anatomical detail at low dose in every X-ray image.

    Helix™ 2.0 Advanced Image Processing algorithms harness the full high-resolution power and exceptional dose efficiency of FlashPad HD detectors to deliver outstanding clarity and
    extraordinary anatomical detail where it matters most.

  • Up to 40% improvement in detectability of fine structures1

    The power of Helix™ 2.0 advanced image processing coupled with FlashPad HD improves small detail detectability by up to 40%1 thanks to ultra-high resolution and enhanced noise control.

  • Critical Care Suite

  • Consistent brightness and contrast

    Helix™ 2.0 with AI-driving automated brightness and contrast delivers improved consistency across variations in dose exposure with auto window width and window level and enhanced contrast restoration.

  • Double your resolution

    The FlashPad HD detectors pack four times more pixels per area for sharp X-ray images, plus they capture extraordinary anatomical detail at low dose. Available in 10 in x 12 in , 14 in x 17 in and 17 in x 17* in standard cassette sizes.

    * The 17 in x 17 in detector is currently only available on fixed systems .

  • Exceptional dose efficiency for your tiniest patients (and the large ones too)

    The ultra-high dose efficiency helps enhance diagnostic imaging quality at low dose for all patient types.

  • Excellent handling of metal implants

    Clear bone-metal interface without halo artifact.

Improving Patient Experience and Workflow. AutoRAD Comprehensive Workflow Automation Suite.

Fast and easy X-ray exams, effortless patient positioning AutoRAD Suite offers an extensive set of automation and workflow enhancing features, to make exam set up fast, intuitive and easy for X-ray technologists and comfortable for patients.
  • Auto Field-of-View

    Predefined collimation sizes for each view.
  • Auto-tracking

    Maintain SID & tube-detector alignment with table and wall stand receptor automatically.
  • QuickCharge

    Detector charging in the table and wall stand bucky.
  • New User Interface

    Redesigned navigation and Quick Tools for fewer clicks and intuitive operation.
  • QuickCharge

    Detector charging in the table and wall stand bucky.
  • QuickShare

    Hassle-free sharing and pairing of multiple wireless detectors.
  • Versatile configurations

    Adapts to your clinical environment with multiple table, wall stand and ceiling suspension configuration options.
  • Auto Protocol Assist

    Automatic selection of anatomy & technique based on modality work list.
  • QuickConnect

    Automatic wifi channel switching to avoid wireless interference.

Your patient’s safety, comfort and dignity in mind.

  • Extensive Patient Safety Features

Data isn’t just about looking backwards. It helps you plan the future.

  • X-ray Quality Application featuring Repeat Reject Analytics.

  • iCenter asset management software platform

Ready when you are

  • X-ray service and support

  • Insite™ remote connectivity

  • Education

Supporting Materials

Definium™ 646 HD X-ray system powered by Helix™ 2.0 Brochure.Download

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1. Source: GE whitepaper : High resolution for improved visualization (DOC2045904)
2. "A paediatric X-ray exposurechart"; Stephen P Knight; Journal of Medical Radiation Sciences, 2014
3. Table weight limit: 400kg/882 lb static and 320kg/705 lb dynamic (elevating). A standard table configuration with a weight limit of 250 kgs (551 lbs) is also available on Definium 646 HD
4. Service and education offers may vary by country, check with your local representative