AMX™ Navigate

Our advanced mobile X-ray system delivers a new level of effortless workflow, clinical excellence and rugged reliability.
At a Glance

Free Motion telescoping column

Reduces lift force by up to 70%1 to help remove workflow stress and strain

Zero Click Exam

Eliminate the need for touchscreen interaction prior to annotation2

On-device AI

Automatically identifies critical conditions and provides onscreen quality checks

Uncompromised image quality

Capture high-resolution images with powerful 5 lp/mm detectors

AMX™ Navigate is engineered to deliver consistent, reliable results whenever and wherever you need it.

Make the move to effortless imaging with AMX™ Navigate, a state-of-the-art mobile
X-ray that is easy to maneuver while reducing stress and strain in positioning. Built on the AMX™ legacy of reliability, it provides on-device AI for triaging and enhancing productivity, a simplified end-to-end imaging experience with Effortless Workflow, and comprehensive remote services.

Engineered to deliver consistent, reliable results whenever and wherever you need it.

AMX™ Navigate is easy to maneuver while reducing stress and strain in positioning. Built on the AMX™ legacy of reliability, it provides a simplified end-to-end imaging experience, on-device AI for triaging and enhancing productivity, and comprehensive remote services. Make the move to effortless imaging with AMX™ Navigate.

Designed to help reduce the stress and strain of positioning the system

Easy positioning – The Free Motion telescoping column, the industry's first power-assisted telescoping column, reduces lift force by up to 70%.1
Streamlined imaging process – Zero Click Exam helps eliminate up to 100% of UI clicks.2
Enhanced maneuverability and visibility – EasyDrive dual motor operation, a pressure-sensitive drive handle, plus a smaller tubehead and column height puts you in control.
Improved usability – A new advanced UI delivers image processing time in under 10 seconds, and the 21.5" touchscreen monitor contains a high-resolution display with anti-glare coating, making it ideal for viewing in different environments.

Featuring the first on-device AI solution for triaging and enhancing productivity 

Automated image analysis for critical findings – Critical Care Suite 2.0 (CCS) automatically identifies critical conditions and helps physicians assess ET tube placement.
Onscreen quality checks – Quality Care Suite 2.0 (QCS) provides onscreen quality checks to the technologist to help improve image quality and workflow efficiency for 85% of mobile X-ray exams3.
One-touch reprocessing – QuickEnhance reprocesses images with a different custom look with no additional dose to the patient, and is customizable by anatomy for multiple uses.
Uncompromised image quality – 100 micron FlashPad™ HD digital detectors, along with Helix™ 2.1 advanced image processing, consistently display clear images with 5 lp/mm resolution at low dose.

Continuing a legacy of dependability while broadening the scope of what mobile X-ray can do

Designed, built and tested – The AMX™ Navigate has undergone extreme product testing to ensure it meets the most demanding clinical expectations.
Intelligent remote service technologies – Features InSite™ remote service support and monitoring, eDelivery remote software upload, OnWatch™ remote monitoring and iCenter™ system analytic, keep your system running smoothly and securely.
Cybersecurity– Applications like anti-virus protection, intrusion detection, data encryption and storage, along with a network firewall, operate harmoniously to maximize uptime and system reliability.
X-ray Quality Application– Helps you manage quality assurance and uncover the root cause of rejected X-ray exams.

The AMX™ Navigate helps stress levels with staff because it is so quick, it is so easy to get from place to place, and the images are beautiful. We don't have to worry about physicians being upset, or not being able to get where we need to quick enough.

Courtney Clark

Radiology Manager, Parkview Noble Hospital


Streamline your imaging process with Zero Click Exam

Eliminate up to 100% of clicks2 with features like a barcode reader, which matches the patient to the worklist to help avoid patient misidentification, and Auto Protocol Assist, which automatically selects the correct protocol for the patient.

See how it works
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† AMX™ Navigate with FlashPad™ Plus is not yet CE marked. Not commerciallyavailable in all markets.

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