Fixed Radiography Systems

Addressing today's X-ray challenges and preparing for the future, our X-ray systems offer the latest in GE imaging advancements
Definium™ 656 HD
Definium™ Tempo
Definium™ Pace
Definium™ XR/f

Definium™ 656 HD

Definium™ 656 HD is GE’s all new digital radiographic system powered by Helix™ 2.0 advanced image processing and featuring an expanded suite of workflow automation & analytics tools.

Advanced applications and IQ

Enable radiologists to consistently see more details and provide quality diagnosis

3D camera technology apps

Produce more consistent images while avoiding repeated x-rays

Expanded suite of workflow automation

Effortless patient positioning and efficient X-ray exams through AutoRad suite

Definium™ Tempo

Definium Tempo™ fixed X-ray system is designed to simplify radiographer's workflow, improve consistency and diagnostic confidence, and reduce errors to keep your radiology department running smoothly and profitably.

Auto positioning

The system assists you by automatically positioning its components

A personal assistant

Helping you deliver consistent, highly automated, efficient exams that impart clinical confidence

Intelligent workflow suite

Uses a 3D camera to assist radiographers for less retakes

Definium™ Pace

Empower your team with our affordable, easy-to-use, floor-mount digital X-ray system that’s designed to help radiographers consistently acquire diagnostic-quality images.

Premium image quality

See improved clarity across every anatomy and patient type with new technology

Consistent performance

Reduce variability across technologists with assistive software-aided workflows

Rugged and reliable

Reduce worry with a system designed, built, and tested for demanding environments

Exceptional value

Ensure maximum return on investment with affordable, reliable, and easy-to-use equipment

Definium™ XR/f

Introducing Definium XR/f, GE Healthcare’s versatile and robust digital system designed to help you perform a variety of head-to-toe, dose-efficient radiographic exams on patients of all sizes, ages and degrees of mobility.

Compact and floor-mounted

Adaptable to your space and does not require infrasture reinforcements

Intuitive and efficient

User-friendly machine leading to quicker X-ray exams

High quality, low-dose images

Acquire dose-efficient high-quality images with AeroDR HD detectors with 72% DQE

Ergonomic and flexible

Accommodate patients of all sizes with a an easy-on/easy-off, fully-flat bariatric table that can support up to 770 pounds/350 kg

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