Revolution CT ES

Your goals include increasing patient access, improving quality, enabling clinical and operational outcomes, and reducing costs. The Revolution CT ES combines innovative technologies and features to overcome challenging patients and conditions. It is designed to meet your needs today with scalable solutions to grow with your practice in the future.

Solutions designed to overcome challenges

Enabling technologies that exceed expectations

A versatile solution driving the next level of care

  • Emergency Care

    Faster scans, high image quality, and a full field-of-view (FOV).

    Fast scans help overcome patients who have difficulty following instructions or holding their breath.

    • Boasts a 50cm FOV
    • Provides super-fast scans of up to 437mm/s
    • Uses both single and dual energy modes

    Smart MAR (Metal Artifact Reduction)
    Reduced metal artifacts in images for patients with metal implants, plates, screws, rods or fillings.

    • Reduce photon starvation, beam hardening, and streak artifacts
    • Compatible with all types of GSI images

    Smart Trauma
    Comprehensive suite of dedicated trauma tools for patient setup, scanning, and image review.

    • Select from dedicated trauma protocols
    • Allows prioritized workflow
    • Scan with minimal breath holds

  • Oncology

    Greater diagnostic confidence throughout the care pathway.

    GSI Xtream
    The first volume spectral CT technology designed to improve small lesion detection, tissue characterization, and metal artifact reduction.

    GSI Xtream and workflow:

    • Generates GSI images directly on console and transfers files to PACS for review
    • Minimizes reliance on post-processing workstations

    TrueFidelity Images

    • Maintains contrast visualization
    • Minimizes noise and artifacts
    • Enables remarkable clarity by maintaining edges
    • Helps potentially improve scan read times to fight radiologist fatigue

    GSI MAR (Metal Artifact Reduction)

    • Generates metal-corrected images
    • Preserves spatial resolution
    • Enables data integrity near metal implants, screws, plates, rods and fillings

  • Stroke

    Helps reduces time to diagnosis for your stroke patients, saving time and brain tissue.


    • Designed to intelligently adapt to your department practices allowing you to postprocess and review CT stroke images effortlessly
    • Fast, standard and comprehensive workflows help support immediate and accurate treatment decisions

    GSI Neuro

    • Can differentiate contrast agent from hemorrhage in this early period
    • Provides implications in the decision to continue or initiate anti-platelet or anticoagulation therapy
    • Helps improve visualization and characterization of brain lesions

  • MSK

    Enables ultra-high resolution images to help improve decisions and outcomes.

    High Resolution Imaging

    • Delivers a significant improvement in spatial resolution: 230 microns across the full 50 cm field-of-view
    • Helps radiologists diagnose the tiniest fractures and breaks

    Smart MAR

    • Delivers a single-energy metal artifact reduction solution
    • Reduces photon starvation, beam hardening, and streak artifacts caused by metal in the body
    • Can be enabled in secondary reconstructions, making workflow fast and efficient

  • Pediatrics

    Provides lower doses and fast scans with smart workflow.

    Delivers super-fast scan speed of up to 437 mm/s to enable free-breathing, sedation-free, and ultra-low dose CT experiences for pediatric patients

    SnapShot™ Freeze 21
    Can freeze the motion of the heart and reveal congenital heart defects thanks to:

    • 80 mm z-coverage
    • 24 ms2 temporal resolution
    • 0.28 s rotation speed

    Smart Dose
    Help the radiologist optimize the dose for pediatric patient with:

    • ASiR-V2 (enables up to 82% dose reduction)
    • Automatic Exposure Control
    • 3D Dose Modulation
    • Color-Coding for Kids

  • Cardiac

    Increased precision, speed and diagnostic confidence.


    • Helps produce images of stents and coronary plaque with outstanding detail
    • enables increased diagnostic confidence, at standard radiation doses

    Smart Cardiac
    Delivers Auto Gating and Smart Arrhythmia management, which ensures robust, low-dose, and high-definition cardiac imaging for all heart rates, with or without beta blockers thanks to:

    • 80 mm detector coverage
    • 0.28 s rotation speed

Exceeds expectations today and expands to meet your future needs

Built on the Revolution CT platform, the Revolution CT ES is designed with versatility and scalability in mind, so you can broaden access to additional patient populations. The suite of innovative technologies deliver high quality images, fast scans and low dose to help address the toughest clinical areas and the most challenging patients. This system can be customized by expanding detector coverage from 80 mm to 160 mm, to grow with your practice.

1. Deep Learning Image Reconstruction, SnapShot Freeze 2 – Whole Heart may not be available for sale in all regions.
2. In clinical practice, the use of ASiR-V may reduce CT patient dose depending on the clinical task, patient size, anatomical location, and clinical practice. A consultation with a radiologist and a physicist should be made to determine the appropriate dose to obtain diagnostic image quality for the particular clinical task.