C-arms for Cardiac Imaging

Experience excellent imaging in complex interventional cardiac procedures with OEC premium C-arms.
Achieve high-quality visualization necessary for complex cardiac procedures. OEC C-arms offer amazing image quality at low dose for efficient interventional imaging. Interventionalists and surgeons clearly see fine details of cardiac imaging, such as the border of the heart, leads, and small guidewires. Dynamic range management enables superb resolution, even with motion, during cardiac procedures.

Cardiac imaging features


See 0.014” guidewires in thoracic region or wire leads when placing biventricular pacemakers with the OEC Elite CFD flat detector, image processing, and 4K display.

Visualize moving interventional devices (catheters, stents) in vessels of the heart with the Cardiac Preset profile that automatically reduces blooming artifacts.


Experience fixed room-like images with eNR (enhanced Noise Reduction), an advanced software algorithm that automatically reduces image noise by 30% for an equivalent appearance of 30 kW power.

To see pacemakers or coronary stenosis, Live Zoom up to 4X during a fluoro or Cine without the additional dose of Mag modes or resulting X-ray heat build up.


Consistently achieve repetitive shots, such as spider views or deep caudal angles, with six memory positions for quick motorized control as well as two speeds for precise positioning.

Whether controlling motorized movement or setting up to take an image, the OEC Touch panel features recognizable icons for quick menu selection during procedures and an optional rollstand for table side control.

Cardiac imaging you need

Complex cardiac procedures require powerful imaging systems.
OEC premium C-arms perform a variety of procedures such as:

 •  Atrial septal defect closure
 •  Cardiac resynchronization therapy device implant
 •  Cardiac valve repair
 •  Coronary artery diagnosis
 •  Chronic total occlusion (CTO)
 •  In-stent restenosis of coronary arteries
 •  Multisite pacemaker implant
 •  Percutaneous coronary intervention
 •  Triple vessel stenting

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