C-arms for Orthopedic Extremities

Maximize your workflow with clear and efficient extremity imaging
Visualizing small details such as bone fragments as well as assessing anatomical joint alignment is critical to increase clinical confidence during extremity imaging. With an OEC C-arm see clear, large images that enable you to accelerate clinical decisions and streamline your workflow during surgical procedures.

Extremity Imaging Features


See large, clear Live and Reference images on the 4K UHD display, that positions easily to viewer’s line of sight.

Increase clinical confidence by visualizing small details; such as bone fragments as well as assessing anatomical joint alignment with modern imaging tools such as Live Zoom, Digital Pen, and Fluorostore


Streamline your workflow with a C-arm designed to be easily positioned with readily accessible imaging functions.

Eliminate the need of locking multiple brakes to secure the C-arm in place. With single-button SmartLock you can effortlessly secure four key joints and eliminate the frustration of C-arm drifting to streamline your workflow.

Extremity imaging you need

Complex extremity procedures require powerful imaging systems. OEC premium C-arms perform imaging in a variety of procedures such as:

• Fracture reduction
• Scaphoid fixation
• Ulna fixation
• Distal radius fracture
• Metacarpal fixation

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