C-arms for Orthopedics

Experience the difference of using a C-arm designed for the specific needs in Orthopedics.
OEC C-arms provide orthopedic imaging with a large field of view optimized to clearly visualize orthopedic anatomy, such as the entire long bone femur or minute fractures in extremities. A clear display with comfortable viewing can easily show AP and lateral views, enabling efficient procedure planning.

Orthopedic Imaging Features


Mark right on the image displayed with Digital Pen, to template femoral and acetabular procedures and utilize measurement and angle tools for adding references for surgical planning.

Live Zoom up to 4X during a fluoro without the additional dose of Mag modes to assess orthopedic fractures and fixations.


See precise anatomical detail of varying densities such as bone and soft tissue with a high dynamic range with the OEC Elite CFD with a flat detector, image processing advancements and 4K viewing display.

During hip or femur imaging, capture up to 22% more Field of View by positioning detector closer to patient anatomy with the OEC low-profile X-ray tube housing compared to mono-block C-arms.

Orthopedic imaging you need

Complex orthopedic procedures require powerful imaging systems. OEC premium C-arms perform in a variety of procedures such as:

• Ankle arthrodesis procedures
• Distal radius fracture fixation
• Humeral fracture
• Hip fracture fixation
• Knee replacement
• Hip replacement
• Pilon fracture fixation
• Shoulder fracture reduction

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