GE Healthcare keeps investing in Innovation and Education to always provide you the Image Quality (CMOS technology, Advanced image chain algorithms) you need at low dose and smart design to simplify User Experience (UX).

Image Quality (IQ) & Dose Management

  • CMOS Detector

    • CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor) detectors designed for OEC C-arms
    • Different detector sizes available
    • Higher DQE at low dose than amorphous silicon (a-Si) detectors
    • Active amplification inside pixel for ultra-fast electron mobility
    • 1 to 1 detail imaging chain from CMOS detector to 4K display resolution*
    * For OEC Elite CFD and OEC One CFD.
  • Dose Management

    Dose Management and ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) isn’t just about technology. It’s a philosophy and a way of doing things based on continuous innovations, and education.

    • Various fluoroscopy modes available (Continuous, High Level Fluoroscopy, Pulsed, Digital Spot, Digital Cine Pulse) in combination with low dose feature
    • Low dose feature provides 50% dose reduction from standard fluoroscopy
    • Pediatric features and dedicated Profile*: Anti-scatter grid removable by hand, no tools needed, skin spacer accessory also provided.
    • Laser aimer with accessible on/off controls.
    • Radiation dose summary.
    * Pediatric Profile only available on OEC Elite CFD.
  • Live Zoom*

    Live Zoom enables panning to area of image interest and increasing imaging size up to 4X. With no change in dose technique or need to Mag, Live Zoom optimizes heat management during long cases. Vizualisation advantages of Live Zoom designed to enhance clinical decisions and surgical workflow, the Live Zoom feature introduces expanded imaging capabilities for mobile C-arm use.

    “Live Zoom gives the perfect resolution with more precision of the challenging segment of the artery that we want to cross, stent, or visualize with less dose compared to magnification mode.”1
    Pr Sobocinski – vascular surgeon University Hospital of Lille (France)

    * Live Zoom feature available on OEC Elite CFD, OEC Elite, OEC One CFD.

Innovative Image Chain software

  • Processing algorithms

    • Acquisition optimisation
      AutoTrak Automatic Brightness Stabilization (ABS) - Automatically seeks the subject anatomy within the imaging field. ABS selects the optimum imaging technique by varying mA, kVp, and provides uniform image quality throughout the entire image. Adaptive Dynamic Range Optimization (ADRO)* – When capturing images of anatomy with varying density, ADRO provides impressive clarity by reducing blooming and simultaneously improving visibility of anatomical detail.
    • Brightness & contrast
      General Purpose Dynamic Range Management (GDRM) - Precision imaging to enhance anatomy of interest while attenuating background features. Smart Metal - Minimizes the effect of metal on image sharpness or quality, and automatically adjusts brightness and contrast, allowing user to adjust sensitivity levels for optimum image quality when metal is present in the imaging field.
    • Motion imaging
      Enhanced Noise Reduction (eNR)**- Automatically adjusts vascular and cardiac imaging presenting 30% less noise for an equivalent appearance of 30 kW power. Enhanced Motion Artifact Reduction* – When images are hard to capture amidst motion, including vascular devices, software can reduce lag and improve details.

    • * Available only on OEC One, OEC CFD.
      ** Available only on OEC Elite CFD.
  • Digital Pen*

    • Draw lines on image display for procedure planning or educational purposes
    • Bright blue color marks remain present until deleted from image

    “ The digital pen is also something interesting cause you can mark on the screen the lesion to treat, it helps during the procedure you can loose your roadmap but you still have the marks on the screen.”1

    * Digital Pen feature available on OEC Elite, OEC Elite CFD & OEC One CFD

Smart Design – User Experience (UX)

  • 00 - item vide

  • SmartView L-arm Design

    • SmartView L-arm
      enables detector to stay over the patient and achieve rainbow position with a stunning orbital range
    • L-arm position: L-arm down 55 / L-arm up 88
  • OEC Touch control panel*

    The intuitive OEC Touch control panel is designed to streamline imaging workflow (more control, fewer disruptive steps) and to synchronise surgical team communication with an interactive live image.

    • Single layer, one button access to functions for intuitive use
    • OEC recognizable control icons and colors
    • Easily access functions during procedures, including X-ray controls, Live Zoom, Digital Pen, laser aimer, image directory and more
    • Live image mirrors Live image displayed on workstation
    * OEC Touch screen available on OEC Elite CFD, OEC Elite, OEC One, OEC One CFD
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  • 5-minute standby power

    Transport without restarting with 5-minute standby power*.
    Patient image data protected when AC power is interrupted or lost

    • Controlled shutdown
    • Power loss protection

    “For some procedures, we need to switch the C-arm to the contralateral sides. With the OEC One CFD C-arm, it is very easy as we can unplug the C-arm for 5 minutes without turning it off while we change side and plug it back in.”1
    Jorgen Hardstedt, Chief Nurse Skaraborgs Sjukhus Skövde Hospital (Sweden).

    * 5-minute standby power option available only for OEC One and OEC One CFD.
  • Wireless connectivity

    Removing as much cable as possible in the operating room, reducing constraints and trip hazards, and freeing up space.

    Wireless Data Transfer (optional)

    Wireless Printer transmitter (optional)

    Wireless Footswitch (optional) with multi-function control
    “The wireless footswitch, does not interfere with the equipment of the room when we need to move around, is an additional comfort.”1
    Dr. Bengt Karlsson (Orthopedic Surgeon) from Skaraborgs Sjukhus Skövde Hospital (Sweden)

    * Wireless Footswitch & Wireless DICOM options are available across OEC Portfolio except for OEC Brivo with different specifications.
    ** WEP encryption is available on OEC One CFD.
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  • Motorisation & Remote User Interface (RUI)*

    Motorized Drive
    Three software configurations: Vascular 15, Vascular MTS, and Cardiac

    • 9°/sec. lateral and orbital motorized drive rotation
    • Control motion from RUI at table side, on a cart or from OEC Touch control panel

    OEC Touch control panel

    • Contact/collision detection
    • C-arm angle displayed in real time and on saved images
    • Three position and Last position memory recall
    *Motorisation only available on OEC Elite CFD. Remote User interface feature only available on OEC Elite, OEC Elite CFD.