Advanced technology with a straightforward mission: enabling simple, fast and precise imaging—right at point of care.

When every second matters, there is Venue™. Representing the next step in Point of Care imaging, the Venue ultrasound system offers a simple, fast, and precise way to assess your patient’s medical status in the critical moment.

Fast assessment for tough decisions

Venue’s intuitive interface and AI-enabled software helps simplify clinical assessments with automated tools designed specifically for point of care use, empowering physicians to make accurate decisions—when every second counts.


Introducing the NEW Venue eFAST Tool


Venue Ultrasound: Shock Toolkit Demo

Faster Fluid Responsiveness Tests – Auto VTI


Heart pumping enough? Auto VTI


Enough fluid in the system? Auto IVC


Fluid in the lungs? Auto B-lines


GE Healthcare Point of Care Ultrasound


The Value of Auto VTI


Venue Ultrasound Auto Workflows

Designed for emergency and critical care medicine

Ultrasound Venue Overview

Academic basis for Venue

Venue is based on advanced technology, but its inspiration lies in well-established medicine. While many care areas must be considered in designing a highly-adaptable purpose ultrasound system, in Venue we focused on tools to help caregivers attending to patients, including those in shock. To develop a carefully-considered system that could address clinicians’ unique challenges at point of care, our developers reviewed hundreds of papers to better understand their needs. Use the link below to read more about the key articles that shaped our thinking.

Designed for the critical moment

  • Emergency medicine

    Venue was inspired by the needs of emergency medicine physicians and features a robust selection of automated tools and workflows to help you quickly assess your patient’s medical status in the critical moment.

    Venue features algorithms that help simplify complicated steps during a patient evaluation. Integrated, color-coded quality indicators support your collection of meaningful data during rapid assessments for improved accuracy and reduced variability. Its durable yet streamlined design and intuitive interface make Venue ready to go when you are.

  • Critical care

    Venue provides the Point of Care tools needed to guide your management of critically ill patients without exposing them to lengthy transfers outside the department.

    Designed to fit into the tight spaces associated with critical care, Venue can be used at the bedside to evaluate interventions, monitor changes in patient status, and help identify rapid data points if patient status declines.

    With its touch-screen interface and streamlined design, Venue supports your infection-prevention efforts with easy cleaning and reduced places for bacteria to grow.

  • Anesthesiology

    From ultrasound-guided nerve blocks to vascular access to cardiac and lung assessments, Venue helps anesthesiologists make fast clinical decisions with confidence.

    Its advanced design, intuitive interface, and automated tools help you identify nerves and surrounding anatomy quickly and clearly—on virtually all patient types. Venue’s tools also provide key information to diagnose and manage adverse pulmonary and cardiac events during perioperative care.

    Venue was designed to help anesthesiologists improve patient comfort, increase productivity, and decrease the risk of complications.

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Tough, secure, and built for self-service

  • Making Venue tough

    We started with the assumption that Venue would take a BEATING So we tested it until it broke, redesigned, and tested again.

    Making Venue Tough

    And then we back it with a multi-year warranty*

    Download the durability whitepaper
    *Availability may vary by country. Check with your local GE Representative to confirm your local service offering.
  • Security

    Venue is the most SECURE point of care ultrasound system we've ever made.

    GE Healthcare's threat monitoring team is constantly vigilant.

    We will deploy security upgrades as new threats are identified.

    Download the MDS2

  • Designed for self-service

    We hope it never happens, but if it does, you get to choose how you want to run the resuscitation

    We built Venue to be serviced by people with basic mechanical skills.

    Most operations require no tools.

    Some require a screwdriver.

    You choose

    Self-Serve. We ship parts to you overnight OR have GE technicians do the work for you.

Venue and the EM & CC caregiver community

Research with GE

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