Transfer ultrasound data into clinical excellence

Discover a simple, fast, and efficient way to create and share professional ultrasound reports.

With ViewPoint 6 – GE Healthcare’s Ultrasound IT solution – you’ll enjoy the confidence that all vital exam information is structured and accessible on one screen, with critical values visible in one view.

Minimize your time on ultrasound documentation

ViewPoint 6 can help you to speed up ultrasound reporting and image management for Women’s Health. It receives measurements and exam data directly from your ultrasound system and inserts the information into the report. You can create Quick Reports for commonly used ultrasound exams to auto-populate each form with pre-defined content. Import relevant data from previous exams to save time. Customizations such as hiding fields not used or rearranging sections in the report enable efficient workflows.

ViewPoint 6 for Women’s Health was developed according to medical guidelines and in close cooperation with medical societies, such as DEGUM or AIUM.

The solution offers exam templates for:

  • 1st trimester ultrasound including FMF risk assessment1
  • 2nd/3rd trimester ultrasound
  • Pregnancy outcome
  • Gynecology reporting including tumor classification according to IOTA2
  • Breast Ultrasound

With one click, you can preview the report and easily add key images and growth charts. Quickly create a highly professional, easy-to-read report that is customized to your individual requirements. ViewPoint 6 interfaces to your IT environment to transfer patient information, images, and reports to your desired locations.

1 Not available in the USA and some other countries.
2 Not available in all markets.

Mobilising by your side

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  • Reporting

  • Workflow and integration

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