Versana Active™ features




Auto EF

Tracks and calculates the myocardial tissue deformation based on feature tracking.

Scan Assistant

Creates custom exam protocols and standardized workflows.

Whizz Dynamic Imaging Tuning

One-touch automatic image optimization as you scan.

3D/4D Capability

3D/4D rendering provides exceptional anatomical realism and increased depth.

Follow-Up Tool

Improve accuracy of serial scans by comparing previous and current exams simultaneously.

InSite™ Technology

Advanced remote service, monitoring diagnostics, and repair.


Get suggested caliper placements to perform standardized BPD, HC, AC, FL and HL fetal measurements.

Whizz bladder

Combines optimized ultrasound image quality with automated measurements.

Voice comments

Captures hands-free recorded voice comments and overlaids to images to review later.

Scan Coach

Determine a proper scan plane through 3D animations, anatomic illustrations, and ultrasound images.

Advanced Cart¹

Adapt ergonomics to varying scan needs with height adjustment cart.

Perpetual Battery Life¹

Designed with perpetual battery life to meet a user’s needs.

B-Flow and B-Flow Color

Provides a more intuitive representation of non-quantitative hemodynamics in vascular structures.

Needle Recognition

Perform accurate biopsies with technology that clarifies the precise location of the needle point.

Auto IMT

Automatically measures the intima-media thickness.
  1. Available on Versana Active v1.5.

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