Vivid iq Ultra Edition

Imagine a portable ultrasound that addresses some of your biggest challenges.

Image quality

Superb image quality with full portability, away from the echoLab

Extreme productivity

Our latest AI-based technologies can help improve workflow efficiency

Clinical versatility

A complete system offering clinical solutions beyond adult and cardiology

Modern ergonomics

A familiar, modern, and efficient design with excellent operator interface

Your patients rely on you. You can rely on us. You can rely on Vivid Ultra Edition

Vivid iq ultrasound has been updated to meet today’s challenges. To allow full portability to execute your echo exams with superb image quality away from the echolab.

Achieve clinical excellence with Vivid iq

Intuitive and as easy-to-use as your personal devices, the updated user interface on the Vivid iq Ultra Edition helps make scanning straightforward and fast. Tools that harness the power of AI help reduce exam times and also reduce up to 80% of keystrokes. These reductions not only save time, but help diminish fatigue and inter-observer variability. Clean up time is also minimized due to the sealed operating panel which helps you quickly move onto your next exam.

A portable device without compromising on image quality

With GE Healthcare’s Vivid iq laptop system and the M5ScXD-ClearMatrix-probe, you’ll get exceptional image quality wherever you are in the hospital. And now, the Penetration QuickApp provides the extra visibility you wish you had in technically difficult scans, with only one click.

A better workflow, with increased exam throughput and fewer manual tasks

AI makes it possible. Our AI-based applications already deliver repeatable & faster measurements in both 2D & Dopplermodes. And now, you can further accelerate exams with industry-pioneering tools, for left ventricular ejection fraction measurement and strain analysis. In a single click –with our Easy-Auto-EF and Easy-AFI-LV–you have the potential to reduce operator ergonomic strain and inter-operator variability.

Great ergonomics and user experience

The combination of the full touch screen control with new trackpad swipe and click gestures allow you to maintain support for your hand as you rest on a new ergonomic wrist rest. Scanning in comfort allows you to focus your attention on the image area. Additional ergonomic features for your comfort include an adjustable monitor to customize viewing and typing angles, and a height-adjustable cart for comfortable scanning whether seated or standing.

Seamless integration with post-processing and review workflows through open 4D multivendor

EchoPAC Software Only and EchoPAC Plug-in allow users to analyze and review data from any Vivid ultrasound system, as well as DICOM images from other ultrasound systems. DICOM SR Measurement Transfer, including standard and custom measurement allows seamless integration with GE Healthcare and other industry reporting systems and EMRs.

Maximize the Vivid lifecycle experience while minimizing your total cost of ownership

Purchasing a GE Healthcare ultrasound is not only getting access to a high-technology or remarkable clinical applications. It’s about enjoying a new user experience, at every step of ownership. We help you to outperform today, while preparing your department for tomorrow’s challenges.

What your peers are saying

"The image quality of the Vivid iq is impressive for such a tiny system even on post-op patients. It is perfect to move from bed to bed and its modern workflow makes it super fun to use."
Dr David Blanchard
Marie-Lannelongue Hospital, France

"We started out with the GE Vivid iq systems and have progressed through every iteration to the current Vivid iq platform. The latest iq system provides excellent image quality with superior useability and interface to anything on the portable market. The available AI measurement packages ensure our team members daily schedule is seamless and efficient."
Kam Aldridge
Senior Sonographer
Cardionexus, Brisbane, Australia

"The Vivid iq is the perfect system for ICUs due to its portability and size. It is easy to use, and the tactile screen makes it clean and very intuitive because the user interface is similar to other non-medical devices we use everyday such as mobile phones or tablets. For me the most remarkable benefit from Vivid iq is the 12S probe image quality because its resolution is similar to that of a Premium system in patients from premature age to 3.2 kg."
Dr. Gemma Giralt
Pediatric Cardiologist
Vall d’Hebron, Barcelona

"Vivid iq is lightweight and portable. Features such as 4D and Multi-D are a nice add on to the product. It has many parameters we can tweak when post-processing, to optimize the final 4D image.
Miguel Angelo D. Ang Co
Non-invasive Cardiology Subspecialty Fellow
Philippine Heart Center

"Vivid iq is very handy, portable, and perfect for bedside and intraoperative echo."
Wilbert B Tarun
Clinical Research Fellow
Philippine Heart Center

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