Clinical Department Solutions

Working as one to transform healthcare technology.
Clinical Department Solutions (CDS) is a solutions-based offering from GE Healthcare. Helping you to deliver complex healthcare projects via our proven, global experience and wide portfolio of high-technology products and services.

What does our CDS offer?

Integration of technology

Optimized results




Continued Support

Our team can help you identify solutions at all stages of a project.

Technology is an essential factor in ensuring the success of healthcare operations and service line solutions. A collaborative mindset is how we deliver this.

Effective healthcare technology planning and design is critical to delivering a project on time and to budget. Teamwork that continues post-completion, with full training, support, and maintenance programs, is also essential.

We help you build an optimized solution by integrating:

• Facility layout and design
• People and processes
• Technology

Ensuring your key issues are taken into consideration, including:

• Your clinical needs and adjacencies
• Distances to be covered by your patients, staff and materials
• Regulations and local customs
• Your projections

Our goal is to provide you with the optimal solution through integrated site planning:

Equipment and IT planning

IT Solutions

Consumables planning

Project coordination and planning

Quality control advisory

Liaison with partners

Integration of IT, people and processes

Business case support

How we work

We’re a team of global and regional experts with a wealth of technical,
technological, and project-related experience to assist you in planning,
developing, delivering, and sustaining your healthcare project.

collaborative mindset

A flexible and collaborative implementation approach

The infrastructure development team regularly works with partner companies to support the delivery of these services and to drive a culture of innovation and service excellence. These experienced and highly valued partners can provide complementary capabilities to assist your project directly.

At each stage of their infrastructure journey, GE Healthcare provide dedicated leadership to expertly coordinate the services provided by us and our partners.

implementation expert

Support services include:

  • • BOQ: rooms, departments and facilities
  • • BOQ pricing
  • • Access to project funds and Funding advisory1
  • • Experienced and accredited project manager
  • • Regional project management team
  • • Room by room equipment list
  • • A network of Regional and Global partner companies selected to compliment our capabilities
  • • Healthcare and design advisory2
  • • Conceptual plans and exemplars3
  • • Peer review
  • • Schematic design review
  • • MEP input and co-ordination4
  • • Visualisation and simulation services
  • • Medical technology and Equipment Planning services
  1. 1. Via GE Sales and Project Finance (S&PF)
  2. 2. Client will need to appoint a qualified local architect to lead the design team.
  3. 3. From GE Healthcare libraries
  4. 4. MEP: Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing

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