Clinical Pathway Offerings

Working as one to ensure future-proofed governance.
Our clinical pathways specialist team can support you to ensure the effective implementation of technology driven care pathway innovations. Through a combination of expertise in care pathway optimisation, deep domain knowledge of medical technology, and an eco-system of industry partners the team can help you improve the outcomes you achieve from your technology investments.

Community-based Cardiology

Reimagined community cardiac care can relieve unnecessary pressure on hospitals.
Limited resilience across healthcare systems has led to increased backlogs and higher patient volumes in hospitals, exacerbating the burden of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) care.

Rapid Diagnostic Pathways

Rapid, often same-day diagnostics, enhance patient experience and expedite care.
One-stop cardiac centres with enhanced access to non-invasive diagnostics can simplify complex cardiac pathways that often lead to delayed, repetitive care.


Lung, Prostate and Breast
With partnerships driven by precision and efficiency our collective goal is to achieve earlier diagnosis and deliver an outstanding care experience for all patients.

Primary Care

Mother and child (Antenatal & Maternal, Safe Birth, Postnatal)
A targeted package of innovative speciality-led services and technology to enhance training, skill development and building capability. Also available are models for local programme management and delivery, coupled with financing and infrastructure solutions.

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