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Structured finance solutions combine in-depth industry know-how with financial expertise. Helping to ensure developers, owners and specialists benefit from investment for critical healthcare infrastructure.

Healthcare Project Finance (HPF)

Healthcare Project Finance is a leading provider of financing solutions to the healthcare industry. With more than 40 years of experience, HPF help providers adapt to a rapidly changing healthcare environment. Improving their clinical, operational, and financial outcomes by providing flexible offerings that meet their cash and technology needs.

HPF Solutions

Traditional acquisition models

Leasing can deliver the flexibility needed to manage assets, right-size capacity and drive standardisation or utilisation. This allows providers to adapt to changes in reimbursement, industry consolidations, and innovations in technology.

Portfolio optimization & management

Enables organisations to create a technology management plan aligning clinical, operational, and financial goals. Combined with a full assessment of asset optimisation, capital planning efficiency, healthcare systems can be optimised to reduce operational costs.


Usage Based Billing (UBB) gives providers seeking to add new imaging technology the flexibility to do so in an uncertain market. Reimbursement Based Billing (RBB) can enable increased capacity for procedures that have an uncertain reimbursement rate.

Technology management

Incorporating technology service, healthcare expertise, and finance in a way that helps manage technology obsolescence and lock in predictable cost structures. Enabling customers to understand their clinical, operational, and financial goals, and driving efficiency and consistency through standardisation and asset optimisation.

How we work

We’re a team of global and regional experts with a wealth of technical,
technological, and project-related experience to assist you in planning,
developing, delivering, and sustaining your healthcare project.

collaborative mindset

A flexible and collaborative implementation approach

The infrastructure development team regularly works with partner companies to support the delivery of these services and to drive a culture of innovation and service excellence. These experienced and highly valued partners can provide complementary capabilities to assist your project directly.

At each stage of their infrastructure journey, GE Healthcare provide dedicated leadership to expertly coordinate the services provided by us and our partners.

implementation expert

Support services include:

  • • BOQ: rooms, departments and facilities
  • • BOQ pricing
  • • Access to project funds and Funding advisory1
  • • Experienced and accredited project manager
  • • Regional project management team
  • • Room by room equipment list
  • • A network of Regional and Global partner companies selected to compliment our capabilities
  • • Healthcare and design advisory2
  • • Conceptual plans and exemplars3
  • • Peer review
  • • Schematic design review
  • • MEP input and co-ordination4
  • • Visualisation and simulation services
  • • Medical technology and Equipment Planning services
  1. 1. Via GE Sales and Project Finance (S&PF)
  2. 2. Client will need to appoint a qualified local architect to lead the design team.
  3. 3. From GE Healthcare libraries
  4. 4. MEP: Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing

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