Hospital Planning & Design

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In today’s healthcare market, medical technologies are the second largest project cost and may involve the specification of thousands of devices. These considerations provide for a facility design and technology platform that is as beneficial to staff as it is to patients.

We ensure the most appropriate and relevant technologies are identified. These technologies are then integrated into the design process, resulting in the optimised functionality and operations of a finished facility.

Planning Services

Helping you define a medical equipment plan

Our planning and design teams inform the appropriate facility and technology sizing, taking into account room adjacencies, patient volumes and indicative capital costing. Once the concept has been realized as a schematic design, we then provide a bi-partisan analysis and of the overall plans.

Our technology planning service advises the medical technologies required to populate the facility. These lists - Bills of Quantity (BoQ) are constantly revised during planning and design development and are provided at an individual room level as well as a facility level to allow for optimal equipment usage.

Visualisation Services

Ensuring an informed design

One of the greatest challenges is to enable a design to be accurately visualised. Especially when demonstrating the relationships between the people, the technology, and the facility design.

Our HTP team can helps to do just that via the following:
• We elevate components of your 2D AutoCAD design
• Turn these into a 3D HiRes image set that
• Provide a detailed visualisation of what is being proposed

Simulation Services

Designing your healthcare project

GE Healthcare’s services provide a detailed analysis and optimisation of specialist departments such as imaging, ICU and OR.

Our proprietary models:
• analyse planned design
• enable technology deployment
• evaluate capacity assumptions

Challenged against:
• seasonality
• case mix

This allows clients to challenge their design and business models at zero risk in a controlled, simulated environment.

How we work

We’re a team of global and regional experts with a wealth of technical,
technological, and project-related experience to assist you in planning,
developing, delivering, and sustaining your healthcare project.

collaborative mindset

A flexible and collaborative implementation approach

The infrastructure development team regularly works with partner companies to support the delivery of these services and to drive a culture of innovation and service excellence. These experienced and highly valued partners can provide complementary capabilities to assist your project directly.

At each stage of their infrastructure journey, GE Healthcare provide dedicated leadership to expertly coordinate the services provided by us and our partners.

implementation expert

Support services include:

  • • BOQ: rooms, departments and facilities
  • • BOQ pricing
  • • Access to project funds and Funding advisory1
  • • Experienced and accredited project manager
  • • Regional project management team
  • • Room by room equipment list
  • • A network of Regional and Global partner companies selected to compliment our capabilities
  • • Healthcare and design advisory2
  • • Conceptual plans and exemplars3
  • • Peer review
  • • Schematic design review
  • • MEP input and co-ordination4
  • • Visualisation and simulation services
  • • Medical technology and Equipment Planning services
  1. 1. Via GE Sales and Project Finance (S&PF)
  2. 2. Client will need to appoint a qualified local architect to lead the design team.
  3. 3. From GE Healthcare libraries
  4. 4. MEP: Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing

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