Cancer is personal. Its treatment should be too. GE Healthcare’s complete portfolio of Theranostics-enabling solutions is designed specifically for this new era in cancer care. Join us on this journey to transform the approach to cancer discovery, diagnosis, and treatment. Because the future of medicine is here—and it’s personal. Are you ready?


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The future of healthcare is Theranostics

We are miraculously diverse. Singular in biology. Unique in variance. United in hope … for a better tomorrow.


GE Healthcare’s PET Radiopharmacy drives innovation

Partnering with leading clinical, academic, pharmaceutical, and research organizations to innovate, streamline production and distribution, and commercialize new radiopharmaceuticals and solutions.


GE is pioneering the solutions that enable unparalleled sensitivity and diagnostic confidence.

Our dedicated portfolio of Theranostics-focused diagnostic imaging solutions was engineered specifically to meet clinicians’ needs—and those of their patients— today and in the future.


Cancer is personal.
Its treatment should be too.

GE Healthcare is shaping the future of Theranostics today with precise imaging and monitoring solutions and innovations of treatment response.


Digital Accuracy for Precision Health

Bringing you leading-edge applications for visualization, quantitation, and dosimetry.


There is so much data available across molecular imaging today. There are so many connection opportunities and loops to close. GE can help.

Our vision is to connect the teams, data, and decisions in every step—from discovery to diagnosis to treatment — as the only partner with innovations that will ultimately help you deliver intelligently efficient, precise, personalized care.

Q.Thera AI⁵

Accurate dosimetry helps evaluate and monitor the dose absorbed by sensitive organs as well as lesions. The dosimetry process can be challenging, as it requires the processing of multiple studies including organ and lesion segmentation, as well as the use of laborious and tedious methods for dose assessment.

Designed for efficient dosimetry and quantitation, Q.Thera AI is GE Healthcare’s solution for Theranostics treatment monitoring empowered by AI. Q.Thera AI segments lesion volumes and automatically segment patient organs, including through the use of AI. It also automatically quantifies and calculates the percent of injected dose and absorbed dose per organ and lesion.

This workflow is designed to enable a reduction in time6 from data loading to dose calculation and the number of clicks to achieve dose calculation, enhancing workflow.

Q.Volumetrix AI

GE Healthcare’s end-to-end solution for advanced segmentation and quantitation is empowered by AI. It offers advanced segmentation and quantitation capabilities for SPECT/CT and PET/CT data without impeding workflow for both baseline and longitudinal studies. Offering efficient reconstruction with attenuation, scatter, and resolution compensation, it is a simple, automatic method for liver, kidney, bone, lung, soft tissue, and lesions segmentation—all important for Theranostics treatment evaluation and monitoring. Quantitative monitoring enables evaluating the dose absorbed in tumors, helping in personalized response assessment. It also provides information on tumor burden reduction on each cycle.


Selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT) requires information on patient suitability for treatment and preliminary dose calculation. Liver segmentation is time consuming, tedious, and highly operator dependent, and manual shunt calculation on planar images is time consuming and user dependent. Determining a recommended dose usually requires multiple tools.

Q.Liver is GE Healthcare’s streamlined solution to facilitate SIRT treatment planning. It is designed for 3D-dosimetry segmentation, enabling the processing and quantification of liver SPECT, PET, and CT segmentation with tools to calculate a therapeutic dose for SIRT treatments. Time to achieve dose calculation and liver segmentation is reduced,7 as well as is the number8 of clicks needed to achieve dose calculation.

Only GE Healthcare —for wherever you are on your Theranostics journey

The future is happening now. One-size-fits-all just doesn’t work anymore. At GE Healthcare, we’re personalizing the path to precision healthcare. Join us, as we work toward enabling better outcomes. Join us, as we provide hope.

Researchers and Academic Centers

By partnering with GE Healthcare—the only vendor with a complete Theranostics package—you get ground-breaking technology and the exceptional MI solutions. And, you get the promise of continued research, keeping you at the forefront of your industry.

Community Hospitals and Imaging Centers

You can see the future of molecular imaging—bringing hope to your cancer patients. With GE Healthcare as your partner, you will protect your investments, distinguish your facility from others—and keep your patients close to home.

Referring Physicians

Extending lives and relieving pain is everything. GE Healthcare’s comprehensive approach to Theranostics is the key to disease management. Our approach is part of the future of cancer evaluation and monitoring. And the future is happening now.


We’re with you on your cancer care journey. We know every step is critical. Every step is hard. That’s why with GE Healthcare you get precise, personal solutions. It’s the future of cancer treatment. And it’s happening now.

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5 Q.Thera AI is 510(k) pending at the US FDA. Not cleared for sales in the United States.
6 Compared to using Xeleris’s Dosimetry Toolkit with dose calculations done with external software. As demonstrated in bench test using 5 SPECT-CT cases. The bench test covered the workflowfrom data loading to image processing and dose calculation. Results may vary.
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