GoldSeal Certified 3.0T

A proven and powerful 3.0T platform with high-performance components offers you excellent images.

Built on our trusted, well-known, high-definition 3.0T platform, the GoldSeal Certified 3.0T is engineered to provide you with excellent images.

GoldSeal Certified 3.0T can assist in delivering accurate diagnosis. Its user-friendly interface assists in minimizing training time, which gets your staff up and running quickly. In addition, advanced clinical software applications assists in offering you enhanced accuracy and certainty. The GoldSeal Certified 3.0T protects your investment by allowing you to easily expand your capabilities with new coils and applications-even upgrade the platform without replacing the magnet.


The GoldSeal Certified 3.0T is designed to deliver you the following benefits:

  • High-definition, anatomically optimized imaging, delivered by our high-density coils, data acceleration technology, and high-definition applications.
  • Optimal fat suppression with great tissue characterization, and artifact reduction
  • Improved workflow
  • High efficiency with a detachable table — prepare your next patient while another one gets scanned.
  • High productivity with the operator-friendly user interface.
  • Patient Care — one technologist can remove a patient in medical emergency situation.


GoldSeal Certified 3.0T MR delivers comprehensive and advanced 3.0T whole-body imaging for the full range of clinical applications.

Engineered for  High Definition

The GoldSeal Certified 3.0T is engineered from end-to-end to let you see more. With GE's high-density coils, data acceleration technology, and high-definition applications optimized for each anatomical area and engineered to work with the system's premium performance components, GE can deliver images with excellent contrast and clarity.

Built for Longevity

The upgradeability benefits from GE are well-known. It starts with a proven 10-year 3.0T Continuum* that’s driven by a magnet designed for longevity and seamless upgradeability. It continues with the easy-to-incorporate breakthrough applications and system enhancements that keep customers current in today’s ever-changing and increasingly competitive market. Rest assured, your investment is always protected.

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