Aisys CS² Anaesthesia Delivery System with Et Control

Advanced and Sustainable Anaesthesia Care to automatically adjust fresh gas concentrations to quickly and efficiently achieve and maintain end tidal oxygen and end tidal agent targets

End-tidal control (Et Control)

Automatically adjusts fresh gas flow to maintain EtO2 and EtAA targets

Digital OR ecosystem

Visibility into the OR through mobile apps to support agile decision-making

Complete lifecycle support

Benefit from a modular design, low maintenance costs, and OEM accessories

Sustainable anaesthesia

Use convenient tools to help reduce OR emissions and anaesthetic agent costs

Elevate life support using the digital intelligence of the Aisys CS² anaesthesia machine and enhance perioperative care.

Control anaesthesia therapy with the precision of digital technology that may help reduce preventable adverse events and postoperative pulmonary complications. Aisys CS2 Et Control software automates oxygen and agent delivery, so you can focus on the patient. No tools required with removable subsystems to make maintenance easy. Automatically analyze anaesthesia workstation data to help drive change.

Use the power of the Aisys CS2 intelligent ecosystem to help you make continuous improvements and solve perioperative challenges

With precise digital control and data analytics, you can go beyond anaesthesia delivery to help drive improved outcomes (operational, clinical, financial). Automatically capture breath-by-breath data to help make fast decisions and tailor care.

End-tidal control responds when your patient needs support

Automate end-tidal oxygen and end-tidal anaesthetic agent delivery with Et Control software1, so you can focus on your patient.

  • Fast, low-flow control: Reach your target EtO2 and EtAA within minutes3,4 and maintain targets at minimal flow rates.
  • Reduced workloads: Can reduce the number of key presses 5 to help simplify adoption of low-flow strategies by your staff.
  • Vigilant patient support: End-tidal control is accurate in maintaining the set EtO2 and EtAA regardless of patient status.3
  • More eco-friendly practices: One study has shown a potential 44% decline in the rate of greenhouse gas emissions6 when employing Et Control software.
  • Improved cost savings: Can reduce anaesthetic agent consumption.3,5

Start cases on time and respond to changes in patient status with help from Aisys CS2 technology

  • Smart menus: Gas flow, oxygen, anaesthetic agent and ventilator modes can be adjusted in less than three seconds.
  • Pause gas flow: Press one button to temporarily stop all gas flow agent delivery ventilation and alarms.
  • Auto alarm limits: Helps reduce alarm fatigue by managing alarm limits for MV, TV, and RR on a case-by-case basis.
  • Guided checkout: Comprehensive system checkout is achieved in less than three minutes, including checking for leaks.

Rapid response for individualized care

The ventilator engine in the Aisys CS2 anaesthesia workstation is built using an electromagnetic proportional flow valve that precisely controls delivered volumes and pressures (like those found in ICU ventilators) to help you ventilate challenging patients.

  • Low tidal volume: delivers tidal volumes as low as 5 mL in PVC mode.7
  • Responsive: Monitors and responds to changes in the patient’s airway pressure or respiratory efforts up to 250 times per second.
  • Precise delivery: Fine control of volume and pressure delivery to the patient, breath by breath, helps reduce challenges in caring for patients.
  • Circuit compliance compensation: Ensures that what you set is what is being delivered to the patient and takes into account the volume in the patient circuit.

Minimize postoperative pulmonary complications (PPCs)

The lung protective ventilation (LPV) tools on the Aisys CS2 workstation allow you to program automated lung ventilation maneuvers — helping enhance your ventilation techniques with precise control of PEEP levels during mechanical ventilation.

Seamless connectivity with endless capabilities

The Aisys CS2 anaesthesia machine is designed to support system interoperability by simplifying connections to other medical devices and to your hospital network, providing real-time8 and retrospective data.

  • • Easily interface with your EMR using industry standard HL7 protocol
  • • Send data to the cloud for use in CarestationTM Insights Applications
  • • Send data to the hospital network for use in research, software development & more!
  • • Use Network Time Protocol (NTP) to sync with hospital clock
  • • Automatically transmit service logs to the hospital network via FTP

Transform complex data into actionable insights with an intelligent OR ecosystem

Automatically collect and analyze data from the Aisys CS2 machine and CARESCAPE™ patient monitors using Carestation™ Insights applications.

View and share user-friendly dashboards on personal devices (desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone) anytime, anywhere.

Gain visibility to anaesthesia case details in real time8 or review trends over time to support your clinical care, operational and financial goals.

Master agent delivery

When the Aisys CS2 electronic control system is combined with Aladin2™ Agent Cassettes, information displayed is measured, not estimated. Guided safety features provide unique overdose and accidental awareness protection.

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A trusted and familiar interface

Pairing CARESCAPE™ Patient Monitors with the Aisys CS2 anaesthesia machine brings consistency and accuracy to patient information being displayed. With proprietary algorithms, our patient monitors deliver insights to help you identify, anticipate, and treat patient needs when going from the emergency room to the OR to the ICU.

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Stay eco-friendly without compromising care

To help hospitals minimize greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, we provide tools that can help reduce the consumption of inhaled anaesthetic agents and capture CO2 without jeopardizing patient care.

Low-flow sustainability

Et Control Software: Practice low-flow anaesthesia to reduce your environmental impact with Aisys CS2 automated end-tidal control software for managing gas flows.

Carestationᵀᴹ Insights Agent Cost Application

This convenient tool analyzes anaesthetic agent use and emissions for each case and tracks trends across different ORs.

AMSORB® Plus CO₂ Absorbent

The unique absorbent formulation breaks down into harmless organic compounds, so it’s easier on patient and staff and potentially more simple to dispose by not going into medical waste.


Online Aisys CS2 anaesthesia simulation training
Simulate the use of Aisys CS2 anaesthesia machine through realistic, interactive experience.

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Biomed lifecycle support

The modular design of the Aisys CS2 machine allows for disassembly without special tools. Develop your expertise through our extensive curriculum of instructor-led training sessions and online video resources.

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  1. 1. Et Control in the United States is indicated for patients 18 years of age and older.
  2. 2. The number 2 footnote has been omitted to avoid any confusion with the Aisys CS2 product name.
  3. 3. Refer to GE Healthcare Et Control Pivotal Study Report DOC2163005. When used as indicated, Et Control is as clinically safe as manual fresh gas control.
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CARESTATION, CARESCAPE, AISYS are trademarked items of GE HealthCare. Ambsorb is trademarked by Armstrong Medical. JB06070XE

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