Reference Database

Compare BMD and Body Composition Results Against Multiple Reference Databases. Create your Own Reference Database When Required.

The enCORE software platform provides multiple options of reference data for bone and body composition analysis. The reference data are based on healthy, ambulatory subjects from the general population who were free from chronic diseases affecting bone, and not taking bone-altering medications.

After a DXA scan is complete, the measured bone mineral density and body composition can be compared to a reference population at the discretion of the clinician.

We provide reference data for the following skeletal sites:

  • AP Spine
  • Femur
  • LVA
  • Forearm
  • Lateral Spine
  • Total Body
  • Pediatric Femur
  • Pediatric Spine
  • Pediatric Total Body

Our software platform also has the flexibility to empower clinicians to build their own custom reference data and use it in their research studies.

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