Integrated Trabecular Bone Score (TBS)

Integrated TBS is a tool to assess risk of fracture, using DXA scans to assess bone micro-architecture and providing more information about bone health than BMD or FRAX alone.
At a Glance

A simple, rapid and reproducible method

Integrated TBS™ enhances identification of fracture risk

Seamlessly integrates into your workflow

Integrated TBS™ software installs on existing DXA scanners

Produces a clinically significant fracture risk parameter

Integrated TBS™ uses AP spine data obtained during routine DXA exams

Boost the performance of bone densitometry and add value to your clinical practice

Integrated TBS™ software installs on existing DXA scanners. It is a simple, rapid and reproducible method that seamlessly integrates into your workflow and estimates fracture risk based on determination of bone texture. The result is expressed as a Trabecular Bone Score.

Introducing Integrated TBS 3.1

Updated with new clinical tools, TBS 3.1 now includes TBS-adjusted FRAX and TBS-adjusted BMD T-score. A new Bone Health report visually displays results and provides automated conclusions to expedite workflow.

Not commercially available in every region.

See Bone Health Report with Integrated TBS 3.1

Additional clinical insights for Bone Quality, which can be especially helpful when assessing patients with borderline BMD T-scores

Additional clinical tools for assessing bone health and diagnosing with confidence
A Bone Resilience Index grid shows bone quantity (T-Score) and bone quality (TBS) together
Automated reporting is easily added into your DXA practice. Patient results are combined with conclusions automatically

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