Holistic Monitoring. Accurate Measurement.

Easily connecting with your monitoring and anesthesia equipment, GE Healthcare's high-quality Entropy ™, NMT and SpO₂ cables & sensors, together with the premium CO₂ absorbent and other accessories help you get the accurate measurements needed to properly assess patient treatment and monitoring during and around surgery.

Unique solution: Adequacy of Anesthesia

Premium CO₂ absorbent helps with OR sustainability

    • Eco-friendly
    • Efficient
    • Cost-effective
    * Amsorb Plus Bubble Can for Drager is now available!
    Amsorb is a registered trademark of Armstrong Medical.

Wide range of clinical accessories that support unique GE solution, ensure the accurate measurements and provide eco-friendly solution for OR environment.

  • Would you like a greener way of working in your OR?

    We are strengthening our commitment to sustainability in the OR by providing solutions that may help you reducing your CO2 footprint in the Perioperative Care department.

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