Carestation™ 600 Series Anaesthesia Systems

These compact, simple, and scalable anaesthesia machines fit almost anywhere you need them.
At a glance

Customisable ventilation

Use Pdrive, vent modes, PBW, LPV manoeuvres and track patient responses

Intuitive interface

Simplify workflow with similar interfaces on patient monitor and machine

Efficient data transfer

Export anaesthesia and monitor data to the network without middleware

Fits in tight spaces

Compact, ergonomic design allows fast access to tools on the main screen

Sleek. Simple. Scalable. It’s all within reach.

Advanced ventilation features on the Carestation 600 series help providers individualise care and optimise patient safety, especially when practising low-flow anaesthesia. Clinicians can track anaesthesia response in real time on the monitor and machine display when they add parameters to optimise protocols. Data transfer is simple with a single-wire connection from the workstation to EMR.
Compact, flexible, easy

Modern design that’s well suited for today’s challenges

Elegantly engineered and appointed with ergonomic touches and software driven time-savers, the Carestation 600 series can help enhance workflows, optimise precious OR time and help hospitals reduce costs.
Optimise clinical outcomes

Time-saving lung protection tools

Atelectasis appears in approximately 90% of all patients who are anaesthetized, and lung recruitment manoeuvres can help mitigate this risk associated with postoperative pulmonary complications.¹ Our lung protective ventilation (LPV) tools are quickly accessible from the main screen, saving precious time when responding to patient needs.

Lung recruitment manoeuvres: automate Single Step and Multi Step manoeuvres to help sustain an open lung.

Real-time compliance: view compliance measurements in real time to assess the effectiveness of automated lung procedures.

Driving pressure (Pdrive): Pdrive is automatically calculated to help monitor patient for overdistention and barotrauma.
Streamline workflows

Elevate your clinical efficiency

With a user-friendly interface based on icons, anaesthesia providers can deliver fast, individualised care with tools that are easily accessible from the main screen.

Predicted Body Weight (PBW) calculator: save time when starting a case by inputting patient height values to calculate Tidal Volume and Respiratory rate settings.

Fast checkout: run a complete checkout, including a vaporizer test, within three minutes, using step-by-step guidance.

Pause Gas Flow: simplify temporary circuit disconnects using one button that temporarily stops all gas flows and suspends alarms for up to one minute.
Compact and accessible

Fit your care almost anywhere

Experience a friendly, ergonomic design with our sleek, modern and compact Carestation 600 anaesthesia workstation—made to fit in tight spaces.

Ergonomic controls: familiar, easy-to-use controls like the APL valve and Bag Vent Switch are comfortably within reach to help eliminate stretching and awkward positions.

Intelligent lighting controls: lighting shows active flow controls while the main screen highlights the flow status whenever auxiliary ports are in use.

Gesture-based alarm silencing: on the B1x5M monitors, audible alarms can be silenced for two minutes with the wave of a hand, helping reduce unnecessary touches to support your infection prevention protocols.
Simplified connectivity

Expand capabilities and quickly collect critical patient data

Enhance patient care with the ability to add parameters for decision support and ventilation modes for customised care. Our single-wire connection between the GE HealthCare B1x5M patient monitors and the Carestation 600 anaesthesia machines helps simplify data transfer to your EMR.

Simple, single-wire connection: quickly transfer patient numerics and waveforms to your EMR for charting and more.

Optimise ventilation: select from a variety of life-supporting, ventilation modes to individualise patient care with speed and precision.

Easily add parameters: assess depth of anaesthesia with Adequacy of Anaesthesia (AoA) solutions such as SPI, BIS, NMT and Entropy™ parameters.
Supporting sustainability

Advance your sustainability goals with low-flow anaesthesia tools

We developed ecoFLOW software to provide visual guidance to help clinicians maintain the desired inspired oxygen concentration and identify unnecessarily high fresh gas flow rates. Anaesthetic agents are not only costly, but evidence suggests that excess inhaled agents released into the atmosphere have the potential to affect the environment.2

Helps your patient care by monitoring flow rates required to maintain target-inspired oxygen concentrations.

30.5% cost reduction in anaesthetic agent was reported in one quality improvement program when ecoFLOW was used.3

By practising low-flow anaesthesia, the environmental impact of waste gases can be minimised to help reduce greenhouse gases.
1. Hedenstierna G, Edmark L. Mechanisms of atelectasis in the perioperative period. Best Pract Res Clin Anaesthesiol. 2010 Jun;24(2):157–69. DOI: 10.1016/j.bpa.2009.12.002. PMID: 20608554.
2. There are several online resources available to learn more about the environmental impact of anaesthetic agents including: Ishizawa, Y. General Anesthetic Gases and the Global Environment. Anesth Analg. 2011 Jan;112(1):213–7. DOI: 10.1213/ANE.0b013e3181fe02c2 Ryan, S.M., and Nielsen, C.J. Global Warming Potential of Inhaled Anesthetics: Application to Clinical Use. International Society for Anaesthetic Pharmacology July 2010 111(1):92–8. DOI: 10.1213/ANE.0b013e3181e058d7.
3. Shores, R.T., Meuti, K.N., Hogan, G.T., and Pabalate, J. Consumption Feedback to Reduce Inhalation Anaesthesia Costs: A Quality Improvement Project. Nursing Economics May/June 2022, Vol 40(3):109–117.
4. GE HealthCare internal verification and validation testing report 2015. DOC1677887.

*NOTE: Et Control on the Aisys™ CS2 Anaesthesia delivery system in the United States is intended for patients 18 years and older. Aisys CS2 Anaesthesia Delivery System image shows US-only configuration.

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