The CarestationTM 600 series (620/650/650c) is a suite of compact, versatile and easy to use anesthesia systems designed to help solve today’s toughest challenges.


Ease of use, easy to learn.

Carestation 600 series solutions intelligently package and connect monitoring devices, innovative parameters and advanced ventilation tools in single, integrated systems. A rotating clinical staff in a fast paced OR requires minimal product training in order to focus more time on the patient.

Perioperative care is increasingly complex with more sick patients, requiring more tasks to accomplish in the same time and same resources in a highly regulated environment. The Carestation 600 is simply familiar and helps you to reduce part of this complexity with comfort.

Intuitive Navigation
15 " screen with quick touch controls. Direct access to operations without menu overlap. Highly configurable screen. Simple access to specific OR tasks re-grouped in a dedicated menu.

Interactive System Check
The daily checkout process is as simple and quick as it is thorough. It is interactive with traffic light step-by-step on screen guidance.

Unified User Interface
Carestation 600 platform features a unified CARESCAPE user interface between ventilator and patient monitors to flatten the learning curve and help reduce the risk of errors.

Breathing circuit cassette
Breathing circuit that can be quickly dismantled without the use of tools. Minimal components to clean, to meet high hygienic standards.

APL and switch
Primary controls are comfortably within reach to speed up operations, help eliminate stretching and awkward positions.

1. Available on Carestation 650 and 650c
2. Available on Carestation 650
3. Complete vent modes package is available on Carestation 650 and 650c 


Intelligent tools to give you more confidence in your daily work.

The industry role is fundamental to help prevent device misuse. GE is committed to building innovative anaesthesia solutions that balance user interface design with intelligent tools to help clinicians prevent misuse and medical errors. The best way to demonstrate effectiveness in preventing errors is to not let them happen.

The Carestation 600 Series offer smart tools to simplify daily work and help ensure effective reactions to non-ordinary events. When seconds count, active mechanisms can help clinicians better manage non-ordinary events.

Easy alarm management
Direct access to favourite Primary Alarms limits. Auto Alarm Limits1 software may help reduce alarm fatigue, allowing you to quickly review and accept tailored CO2 and MV/TV alarm limits real-time within a case.

ACGO protective mechanism
ACGO port has a protective lid to avoid misconnection. By switching on the ACGO, a dedicated screen is automatically activated to visually reinforce which port is in use. This visible alert will remain until the ACGO is on.

Intelligent lighting controls
Automatic lightning on all flow controls provide information on the active ones. A clear indicator on the next step to follow can help avoid incorrect maneuvers.

Pause Gas flow
A workflow solution that simplifies temporary circuit disconnects. One button temporarily stops all gas flows and suspends alarms, agent delivery and ventilation for up to one minute allowing you to focus on the patient.

Clear active case notifications
Automatic patient case activation when switching from manual to automatic ventilation. Visible and clear stand-by screen notification.

Scavenging alert
An alarm with a notification on the screen alerts the staff when scavenging gas flow is out of range. It will help detect incorrect gas evacuation.

1. Available on Carestation 650 and 650c
2. Available on Carestation 650
3. Complete vent modes package is available on Carestation 650 and 650c


Optimizing the workspace

Designed with essential flexibility in mind, the Carestation 600 systems feature cutting-edge technology and a head-turning design in a compact and transport-friendly system that can go where you need it.

In the operating theater world that keeps getting smaller, the Carestation 600 platform precisely meets the space constraints needed to stay nice and roomy. It is all about configuring the Carestation to fit your space and meet your team's needs comfortably.

Flexible patient monitor mountings1
Multiple choices of patient monitors mounting within rotating and tilting display arm to allow optimized visualization.

Convenient mobility2
Central brake and back wheels brakes to ensure stability. In built cable pusher to protect patients cables.

Variety of customizable supports
Bars and supports for additional devices and accessories to keep lines and cables tidy in place.

Workspace optimization
Great work surfaces, additional flip desk. Ample drawers. Bi-level surface illumination.

1. Available on Carestation 650 and 650c
2. Available on Carestation 650
3. Complete vent modes package is available on Carestation 650 and 650c

Advanced Solutions

The following advanced solutions are available on the Carestation 650 and 650c only.

Clinicians skilled in the practice of low and minimal flow anesthesia delivery understand that sometimes less is more. That's why we developed ecoFLOW, an efficient anesthesia delivery technology that provides visual guidance to help you maintain the desired inspired oxygen concentration and identify unnecessarily high fresh gas flow rates.

ecoFLOW technology
A new way to look at flow tubes to help you ensure your inspired oxygen target settings are achieved. The illustration shows flows above the Fi25 target as potential waste gas or excess to the patient's consumption. Whenever fresh gas flow exceeds the patient's requirement, gases enter the scavenging system and, ultimately, contaminate the atmosphere.

Helps your patient care by continuously monitoring the precise flow rates required to maintain target inspired oxygen concentrations.

Anesthetic agents are the biggest ongoing expense associated with anesthesia units. The ecoFLOW option offers cost savings through more efficient utilization of inhaled anesthetics.

By choosing a low flow practice, the environmental impact of anesthetic vapors and gases can be minimized to help reduce the impact of these greenhouse gases.

Lung Protection
Software-enabled tools help simplify your workload. Vital Capacity1 and Cycling Procedures1 help automate repetitive tasks used during lung ventilation procedures.

Advanced ventilation -neonate to adult3

Healthcare is more complex than ever and your anesthesia system needs to adapt to suit a wide range of patients. Our electronic flow valve technology offers precise flow sensor sensitivity for volumes as low as 5 mL in PCV mode to help you deliver with confidence.1

1. Available on Carestation 650 and 650c
2. Available on Carestation 650
3. Complete vent modes package is available on Carestation 650 and 650c