Extend and enhance performance and lifespan with CT system upgrades

We designed our dedicated paths for CT system upgrades to equip you with the latest technology solutions, improving the lifespan of your CT technology for better image quality and workflow.
At a Glance

Unique system upgrades

Choose the right CT upgrade for your system and your unique needs

Multiple upgrade options

Our multiple paths offer distinct benefits, features, and functionalities

Improved image quality

Continuous technology advancements mean better image quality

Faster scan workflow

CT system upgrades bring opportunities to improve workflow speed

Upgrade your technology with the latest solutions to improve the lifespan of your CT system.

The longer you hold onto your CT system, the more important it is to remain at the forefront of technology. Our dedicated CT system upgrades equip you with the latest solutions to improve the lifespan of your CT. Invest in the latest updates and innovations to continue delivering excellent clinical and patient outcomes and take your diagnostic capabilities to the next level.

Choose among multiple upgrade paths, each with distinct benefits, features, and functionalities. Simply select the CT upgrade path that’s right for your system and meets your unique needs.

Upgrade paths cover technologies across CT systems outlined below, including Discovery™ CT750, Revolution™ HD, Revolution™ Frontier, Optima™ CT660, Revolution™ EVO, Revolution™ CT with Apex Edition, Discovery™ RT Gen 3, and Revolution™ CT ES.

Upgrades for Discovery CT750, Revolution HD, Revolution Frontier

Our Elite Upgrade offers faster workflow, better image quality, and enhanced experience, and our Gen 3 Upgrade keeps you ready for the future. Choose the one that suits your needs for now and later.

Versatile upgrade capabilities for your Optima CT660

Whether you choose our Console upgrade, our Elite upgrade, or our Gen 3 upgrade, you’ll enhance your Optima CT660 technology’s capabilities. Choose the one that suits your needs for now and later.

Discover upgrade capabilities for your Revolution EVO

Revolution EVO CT System upgrade capabilities help satisfy your need for speed, deliver more, and get you ready for the future. Enhance your technology’s capabilities for now and/or later.

Revolution CT with Apex Edition upgrade – made to stay current

Through hardware upgrades and powerful software, this system seamlessly integrates the technologies that are foundational to a greater performance over time.

Discovery RT Gen 3 CT upgrades

Powered by AI, our Discovery RT Gen 3 CT is a specialized radiation therapy CT, ideal for oncology centers. Upgrading to Discovery RT Gen 3 means expanding your radiotheraphy imaging capabilities to meet your need for precise radiation therapy planning and simulations.

Smart Subscription for CT

Smart Subscription helps you avoid obsolescence by providing the latest upgrades and updates to your CT capabilities as soon as they’re available. Instead of a CT that starts to “fall behind” technologically from the time you order it, you get a CT that’s always getting better.

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