Help your patients see the whole picture

Providing an early, accurate diagnosis of Parkinsonian Syndromes (PS) and Dementia with Lewy Bodies (DLB) can be challenging because symptoms do not always provide the whole picture. DaTSCAN is a radiopharmaceutical that can assist in the evaluation of patients with suspected PS or DLB. Scroll down to find out more.

  • 20 years of DaT SPECT imaging
    Since receiving marketing authorisation in July 2000, DaTSCAN has been used to perform over 1 million scans – currently, one patient is scanned every four minutes.(1)
    Supply chain reliability
    97% of vials were successfully delivered on time from our Eindhoven site in 2017 and 2018.(1)
    Educational and professional support
    Our clinical applications specialists and medical affairs experts provide comprehensive technical and scientific support.



    Data on File. GE Healthcare. Supply Chain Data


Learn about our supply chain reliability

With nearly two decades of experience in manufacturing and distributing DaTSCAN, we have established a reliable global supply chain. For UK and EU patients' needs, we have a production site in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
  • We are prepared for increasing customer demand:


    Production capacity


    In Eindhoven, DaTSCAN production capacity has increased by 40% over the past five years.(1)





    Significant investment is planned over the next five years to increase production capacity.(1)



    1. Data on File. GE Healthcare. Supply Chain Data

Find out how DaTSCAN is produced on-demand at our Eindhoven site in the video library below.

Video Library

  • What happens on the day

    In this short video, you can see step-by-step what your patients will experience when they undergo a DaTSCAN.

    This video is to be used with patients who have been prescribed DaTSCAN

Support visual image read with quantification software

  • Quantification may be an important adjunct to visual read in helping to interpret more difficult scans.(1) 

    Contact us for more info on our quantification.

    Other quantification software is also commercially available.


    1. Booij J et. al. J Nucl Med 2017; 58(11): 1821-1826

Find out about our UK back-up reporting service

DaTSCAN images are visually read and are generally easy to interpret. Occasionally, you may find difficulty in interpreting an image.   
If you are in any doubt with image interpretation, we can provide a support service.

  • GE Healthcare offers a DaTSCAN Back-Up Reporting ServiceThe service is offered for DaTSCAN images where you have difficulty with interpretation. The image is reviewed by an experienced independent Nuclear Physician who provides a second opinion on the DaTSCAN image. Please note, there is a charge for this service.


    To find out more about obtaining a back-up report, please email


Prescribing information

Click here to view the DaTSCAN prescribing information for the United Kingdom

Adverse events should be reported
Reporting forms and information can be found at
Adverse events should also be reported to GE Healthcare at

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