MAC VU360 Resting ECG

Smart. Integrated. Secure.

Workflow integration

A comprehensive solution for complete cardiac care

System security

Continuous data protection to ensure your peace of mind

Designed by you

Easy to clean, and easy to adjust and maneuver, and that’s exactly what we delivered

Smart tools

Fast, high-quality ECGs acquired automatically to help avoid duplicates

Infinitely smart, integrated, and secure to help deliver high ECG quality and speed—even in challenging situations

Delivering quality and speed with a 360 degree view of your world, MAC VU360TM is designed to provide the high-quality resting ECG workstation that you need.

Inspired by you. Designed to meet your challenges.

Streamlining workflows with an easy-to-use, all-in-one resting ECG workstation, MAC VU360 features the full suite of GE HealthCare's ECG analysis programs to help you make faster, more informed cardiac care decisions at point of care.

Smart Acquisition lets you stay in control

With more and more people sharing responsibility for performing ECGs, maintaining quality and efficiency across departments can be difficult. MAC VU360 Smart Acquisition is a combination of three features created to deliver optimal ECG quality and speed, even in the most challenging situations.

  • Reduce repeats: Smart Auto-ECG algorithm immediately captures and displays the first clean, high-quality ECG.
  • Minimize mix ups: Smart Lead technology automatically detects a newly connected patient.
  • Avoid variability: Enhanced Hookup Advisor guides even the newest user to a clean, high-quality waveform.

Smart tools for smart decisions

A full suite of GE HealthCare’s ECG helps you deliver essential diagnoses with speed and confidence.

  • Marquette™ 12SL™: Provides proven accuracy and quality that meet industry standards.

  • Zero Phase Distortion (ZPD): Offers consistent accuracy of your ST segment whether you’re taking a 12-lead or rhythm ECG.

  • High-definition pacemaker detection
    : Identifies artificial pacing not visible on ECG waveforms and allows for pacemaker annotation in real-time.

  • Left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) recognition
    : In accordance with ACC/AHA recommendations, adds Cornell criteria to determine which are positive.1, 2

  • Full disclosure module
    : Quickly select any 10 seconds in memory, helping you not miss a beat.

Your perfect fit

Smart design means form follows function. You said an ECG workstation should be easily adjusted, easy to clean, and easy to maneuver – that’s exactly what we delivered.

  • Built-in bar code reader: Unique cardiac acquisition module simplifies ECG acquisitions.

  • Ergonomic experience
    : Height-adjustable trolley and tiltable display fit people of all heights.

  • Infection control
    : Smooth, easy to clean flat surfaces and enclosed storage reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

  • Superb maneuverability
    : On average 12% smaller and lighter than select other premium ECG systems, making it easily fit in crowded spaces.3

One workstation for a complete ECG workflow

Offering improved access via the web with MUSE NX™, MAC VU360 adjusts to your workflow, saving you time and providing access to powerful patient data when and where you need it.

  • Find what you need: Quickly access only the orders you need with easy filtering and search functionality that’s always at your fingertips.
  • Compare current and previous ECGs right at the bedside: Immediately route ECGs for overread or review prior clinical studies stored in the MUSE NX system via remote apps.
  • Optimize previous investments: Work smoothly across different platforms, with support for DICOM ECG workflows that connect to a wide variety of third-party CVIS, EMR/EHR, and ECG-management systems.

We put a premium on your peace of mind.

With today’s hyper connected data environment, you worry about patient privacy and data protection. That’s why we set out to make MAC VU360 our most secure ECG ever.

  • e-Deliverable security software updates: Included with every MAC VU360 purchase, allowing you to maintain total control over the update process.
  • Multiple layers of security: Patient data encryption, username/password authentication, and secure network connections support data integrity.
  • Lifecycle management: A strong central security team is constantly developing additional security patches to address vulnerabilities as needed.



of ECG techs ranked MAC VU360 as #1.4


of clinicians believe MAC VU360 can optimize workflow.5


of clinicians rated the MAC VU360 user interface as intuitive.6


of clinicians are confident they’ll get the ECG right the 1st time.7

Maximum device availability

Minimizing disruption of patient care while maintaining medical devices is a constant challenge. Quite simply, downtime is not an option, and we offer services, education, and training to help ensure your devices are available and your investment is protected.

Simple connection. Accurate Measurement.

Easily connecting with your diagnostic cardiology equipment, GE HealthCare's high-quality reusable ECG cables, leadwires, and accessories help you get the accurate measurements needed to properly assess patient heart function.

Easy serviceability to keep your device operating at peak performance

MAC VU360 takes a proactive approach by integrating key features that make service easy while maximizing availability, utilization, and reliability.

Protect investment with trained staff and achieve operational goals

We offer a wide variety of training and education programs to help you maximize your investment and help you gain the knowledge and skills to simplify your workflow and improve patient care.


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