MAC VU360 ECG Workstation

We spent hundreds of hours with clinicians and IT professionals to identify today’s biggest ECG challenges. From inconsistent quality to repeat ECGs, multiple new users to poor integration with hospital systems, inferior ergonomics to increased security threats, we heard it all. And we listened.

MAC VU360 ECG Workstation - Infinitely smart, integrated and secure

  • Our fastest, highest-quality ECG ever
  • One workstation - featuring seamless integration
  • Inherent ECG-system security
  • MAC VU360™

    A Virtually Unlimited ECG Experience

    Smart. Integrated. Secure.

  • MAC VU360 - Smart Acquisition

    Up to 60% of hospitals face significant challenges with duplicate ECGs1

    MAC VU360 Smart Acquisition is a combination of three features created to deliver optimal ECG quality and speed, even in the most challenging situations.

    1 2016. Double-blind research conducted by a third-party market research firm with 60 hospital ECG Managers and IT Managers in 5 countries.

Because you demand quality and speed - Smart Acquisition lets you stay in control

  • minimum mixups
  • avoid variability
  • reduce repeats
  • Smart tools. Smart decisions.

    "I must have accurate, detailed information to deliver critical diagnoses with speed and confidence."

    The majority of all interpretation errors are for rhythm. In paced patients, pacing is undetected in 10% of ECGs.2

    2 Guglin, M.E. and D. Thatai, Common errors in computer electrocardiogram interpretation. Int J Cardiol, 2006. 106(2): p. 232-7.

Smart tools, Smart decisions

  • 12sl
  • hi def 2
  • MAC VU360 - Smart Design

    You said an ECG workstation should be easily adjusted, easy to clean, and easy to manoeuvre — and that’s exactly what we delivered.

For your perfect fit

  • height adj trolley
  • easy to clean
  • maneuverability
  • MAC VU360 - Smart Design

    "Quite simply, downtime is not an option. It's my job to maximize availability, utilization, and reliability."

Maximum device availability

  • robust diagnostics
  • battery operated
  • designed for reliability
  • MAC VU360 – Integrated into your workflow

    Improved integration with MUSE and CV web systems. Integration with DICOM. MAC VU360 adjusts to your workflow, saving you time and providing access to powerful patient data, when and where you need.
  • Critical results immediately

    MAC VU360 is an ECG workstation enabling you work more efficiently.

    • Route ECGs for review or consultation
  • Rapid access to relevant patient data

    A single ECG workstation can act as a portal to your patients medical history.

    • Access MUSE™ to review previous ECGs
    • Access the patient's electronic medical record without leaving their side
  • MAC VU360 - Secure

    Maintaining patient data security

    Protecting the systems against malware and other attacks is one part of system security, but it is also crucial to protect the patient information stored in that system.

MAC VU360 security approach - Protect your network and patient data

  • patient data
  • authentication

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