CardioLab Electrophysiology Recording Systems

CardioLab helps make your life easier and your workflow smoother. With the legacy of Prucka Engineering inside, our suite of CardioLab products delivers the EP data and visualization you need for even the most complex cases. Where you need it. When you need it.

Product Comparison

Choose the system that is designed to support your caseload mix.

Features CardioLab IT CardioLab XT
Comprehensive Electrophysiology Recording System Functionality Included Included
Multi-path documentation
Fully streamlined documentation and reporting workflow helps you document your case with fewer interruptions and still meet your documentation requirements.
Included Included
Electronic Signature
Integrated electronic signature capabilities give you the ability to sign and lock reports from within CardioLab using your system logon and password.
Included Included
Invasive Workbench1
A tool that gives researchers the ability to create and run additional algorithms on real signal data outside the active patient environment.
N/A Optional
CardioLab Simulator1
Train your fellows and staff at your convenience. This compact, lightweight box connects to your CardioLab system, allowing display of real case data outside the active patient environment.
Optional Optional
Innova* Tableside Control Interface
Operate key CardioLab functions right from the Innova X-ray system in the procedure room.
Included Included
Bi-directional DICOM** interface with GE Innova X-ray
Helps enhance data entry capabilities and save time by sending patient demographics to the Innova system via DICOM MWL.
Included Included
ACC NCDR** ICD Registry Forms with Export to Centricity ACC NCDR Application
Collect registry-specific data elements at the point of care and export them to the Centricity ACC Registry application.
Included Included
EtCO2 Module Support
Supports Joint Commission recommendations for documentation for conscious sedation with mainstream and side-stream EtCO2 data.
Optional Optional
User-defined Macros
Simplify documentation, speed system configuration and help ensure accuracy.
Included Included
Holter Window
Facilitate retrospective documentation with visual reference of up to five minutes of ECG.
N/A Included
Ablation System Interface
Import critical information from many available ablation systems for more complete case documentation.
Included Included
Interface to CARTO** XP and CARTO 3 Systems 
Run a case with the CARTO XP or CARTO 3 mapping system efficiently.
N/A Option
Integrated Centricity* CA1000 PACS Workstation
Import previously acquired images into the study and display on the boom monitor.
CardioImage* Image Management
Capture and manage images from X-ray or ultrasound systems during the case for inclusion in the final report.
N/A Included
CardioICE* Synchronized Ultrasound
Visualize cardiac structures and devices continuously in real time for enhanced control and access to information during EP procedures.
N/A Option
1 Not available for sale in all markets