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Discover how Centricity™ Universal Viewer helped HELIMED Diagnostic Imaging achieve 40% improvement in workflow efficiency.

Key Management, Clinical and IT Outcomes

Management Benefits

Improve staff utilization throughout the healthcare network

Increase clinician and specialist satisfaction

Impact length of stay with anywhere, anytime access

Clinical Benefits

Enhance diagnosis with access to more web-based data

Decrease procedure cycle time

Work with PACS software anywhere

IT Benefits

Lower healthcare IT costs with combined solution

Reduce storage

Decrease deployment and maintenance impact

Centricity™ Universal Viewer with Breast Imaging

ViewPoint™ 6 with desktop integration to Centricity Universal Viewer, provides a comprehensive solution for ultrasound reporting and management across multiple care areas. ViewPoint™ 6 is a dedicated ultrasound reporting and image management solution. It can send and receive information from existing IT systems like a PACS, EMR, or HIS/RIS to complete the workflow cycle.

Centricity™ Universal Viewer with Cardiology Capabilities

Centricity Universal Viewer provides advanced visualization and quantification tools for Cardiology, offering a single web based source for coronary and vascular analysis, volume analysis, echo measurement and analysis such as 2D strain, 3D and 4D image visualization as well as advanced measurement tools for CATH procedures.


Centricity™ Universal Viewer with Advanced Visualization

Unlike disparate PACS software and 3D systems, Centricity Universal Viewer helps to increase efficiency by simplifying information access with a single image repository across 2D and 3D studies, enabling holistic oncology and other clinical specialty workflows, with easy access to prior exams.

The embedded advanced applications decrease the need to log in to multiple applications and retrieve clinical images for comparison from stand-alone “mini PACS” systems, allowing radiologists and clinicians to read exams more efficiently.


Centricity™ Universal Viewer 100 edition

Centricity™ Universal Viewer 100 edition is designed for smaller healthcare providers who have limited IT resources. It is a turnkey web-based PACS solution designed to view, store and distribute images. All of the standard features of Centricity Universal Viewer are included, however, certain modules, such as Cross Enterprise Display and Advanced Cardiology are only available with the Enterprise edition.

Centricity™ Universal Viewer Zero Footprint (ZFP)

Centricity™ Universal Viewer Zero Footprint (ZFP) connects advanced diagnostic tools and system-wide image management platforms across the care continuum to help healthcare organizations improve diagnostic speed and confidence.



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