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Latest software release: SIGNA™Works AIR™ IQ Edition
Streamline your MR department with intelligent applications that boost image quality, productivity and enable growth.

AIR™: A simply better MR experience*

The AIR™ family of products delivers clinical versatility and comfort, intelligent productivity improvements and consistently superior image quality.

Comprehensive imaging solutions for clinical flexibility and exam versatility

    Expand your clinical MR capabilities with SIGNA™Works

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    Versatility to meet all your clinical needs

    Adapting to all patients

    • eXpress Dockable Table

      Lightweight eXpress dockable table for fast extraction and improved patient preparation workflow.
    • Elevating radiology by addressing patient needs

      Free-breathing for any examination, including dynamic studies as well as compatible needle-free and motion-correction techniques.

    Get the Works with MRI upgrade options

    • Bring AIR™ to your Discovery™ MR750w or Discovery™ MR750w GEM

      Upgrade to SIGNA™ Architect Lift and ascend to the next generation of MR without wall removal.
      • Increase your procedures by 30%1
      • Reduce install time by 60%2
      • Get today’s technology at up to half of the cost3

    Supporting materials

    *Simply better compared to conventional technology.
    1 With GE SIGNA™ Lift, the system may be able to scan 2-3 more patients per day due to new capabilities and productivity.
    2 Total upfront costs include equipment, downtime and siting. Actual results may vary. Based on average estimate construction costs to upgrade with SIGNA™ Lift vs. replacing with a new system.
    3 Compared to a new GE 1.5T MR system – upfront cost includes equipment, construction required for the equipment install and potential mobile cost during downtime. Actual costs will vary depending upon your site’s specific circumstances.