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Experience extraordinary image quality without compromise with new technology.

AIR™ is more than a name

It’s also more than AIR™ Coils. It’s a way of thinking. A symbol for how we approach both the form and the function of MR. From coils to workflow to image quality, we deconstruct everything down to its most fundamental, simplified version. And improve it. Each new innovation builds off of this core philosophy, increasing the value of the greater AIR™ ecosystem.

Holistically, AIR™ is MR. Simply better.

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  • Revolutionary MR coil
    design that is up to 60%
    lighter or more

  • Industry-leading versatility with a simple, more durable design

  • 360 degrees of coverage

  • Weighs up to 0.3 grams per cm2

  • Streamline and optimize scan setup with
    AIR Touch™
  • Automatically detect anatomy and prescribe slices with AIR x™

Each one brings something unique to the family

Each AIR™ product plays a role in transforming the MR experience. AIR™ Coils are light and flexible, making them comfortable for patients to wear and easy for technologists to handle. AIR™ Workflow applications automate and personalize fundamental steps in the MR workflow, so you can expect consistent image quality and exam times from any technologist. Now, AIR™ Recon reconstruction software is making exceptional image quality in faster scan times the new standard for MR. Explore the gallery below to see the clinical potential of individual AIR™ products.

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*Simply better compared to conventional coil technology.