The clarity you seek. The comfort they deserve. Introducing SIGNA™ PET/MR AIR™.
At a Glance

Intelligent technology

Industry’s highest sensitivity ToF PET** with premium 3T MRI & AIR™ Recon DL

As comfortable as AIR™

AIR™ Coils provide a simply better PET/MR experience

Clarity with MotionFree Brain

Get clear brain images without external markers or hardware

Open future

Fully upgradeable to the latest technology, applications and coils

Get the clarity you seek and the comfort they deserve with the all-new SIGNA™ PET/MR AIR™

Whether you’re helping a patient plan their treatment path, researching diagnostic methods or new tracers, we understand the importance of providing the very best care. That is why we built the SIGNA™ PET/MR AIR™. By pairing the industry’s most sensitive Time-of-Flight (ToF) PET detector and our most capable MR scanner with our AIR™ technologies, you’ll get clarity and patient comfort with every scan.

Bring PET/MR to more patients

With SIGNA™ PET/MR AIR™, PET/MR has never been faster or more comfortable, opening this technology to a wider range of patients. Our goal is to make PET/MR one of the most essential assets in your department.

Our most advanced PET with premium MR

At the heart of SIGNA™ PET/MR AIR™, you’ll find the industry’s most sensitive ToF PET detector and exceptional MR attenuation correction (MRAC) with GE HealthCare’s unique Zero-Echo-Time (ZTE) acquisition. This means you’ll be able to see some of the smallest lesions, more accurately plan treatment paths for every patient and research new tracers.

This advanced hardware runs on our latest MR 30 for SIGNA™ release, found across all of our SIGNA™ scanners. This platform features AIR™ Recon DL, our pioneering deep-learning-based reconstruction algorithm that enables you to achieve pin-sharp image quality quicker than ever before. This makes the SIGNA™ PET/MR AIR™ incredibly powerful.

A simply better PET/MR experience

AIR™ Coils are designed to conform to the human body like a soft blanket. Its design helps reduce PET attenuation artifacts and improve quantitation. AIR Coils™ also provide faster setup, leading to increased workflow and reduced technologist exposure to patients injected with radioactive isotopes.

AIR x™ and AIR Touch™ are intelligent workflow applications that help technologists breeze through the setup and ease through exams. AIR x™ automatically detects anatomy and prescribes MR slices enabling 5x faster setup times with 4x fewer mouse clicks. AIR Touch™ adjusts for the anatomy and protocol parameters with a single touch, delivering a 59%‡ productivity gain from plan to scan.

The future of PET/MR is MotionFree

MotionFree Brain provides you with motion management without the need for any external markers, hardware or additional scan time. Our pioneering algorithm corrects the raw, list-mode PET data based on the actual patient head movements. This helps deliver a significant improvement in quantitative accuracy, especially for small brain lesions.

To ensure the most convenient motion-free imaging possible, MotionFree Brain is compatible with all SIGNA™ PET/MR features such as Q.Clear and ZTE MRAC.

Make PET/MR a member of your diagnostic family

SIGNA™ PET/MR AIR™ is fully upgradeable to the latest technology, applications and coils whether this is your first PET/MR or your next one.

If you own a SIGNA™ PET/MR, there is a clear upgrade path to SIGNA™ PET/MR AIR™ that allows you to take advantage of AIR™ and the latest innovative applications.

If you purchase SIGNA™ PET/MR AIR™ as a new system, you can take comfort in knowing that you will have an outstanding PET/MR for many years and many patients to come.

Learn more about the clarity and comfort of AIR™

Comforting AIR™ Coils, along with our innovative workflow solutions, AIR x™ and AIR Touch™, will all be at your fingertips with SIGNA™ PET/MR AIR™.

AIR™ Coils

Nothing gets closer than AIR™. Its flexible design brings the elements closer to the area of interest, greatly improving image quality and patient comfort.

AIR x™

AIR x™ automatically detects patient anatomy and prescribes MRI slices to deliver consistent results regardless of the pathology, patient position or technologist.

AIR Touch™

AIR Touch™ is an intelligent workflow solution that automatically selects the best MRI coil element combinations for each patient over the precise volume-of-interest.


The clarity you seek. The comfort they deserve.

Learn more about SIGNA™ PET/MR AIR™ and how it provides both clarity and comfort.

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* SIGNA™ PET/MR AIR™ is a premium configuration of SIGNA™ PET/MR. Not yet CE marked. Not available for sale in all regions. Please check with your representative.
** Data on file, 2012-2021.
‡ Results may vary.

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