Deep learning with SIGNA™ MRI scanners

Sonic DL™
AIR™ Recon DL
AIR x™

Life-speed imaging with Sonic DL™

Shift the paradigm of acceleration in MR imaging with Sonic DL™: scans that match the speed of the human body.

Cutting-edge technology

Leveraging our expertise in deep learning to enhance scanning speed

Rapid results

Up to 12X acceleration with up to 83%* scan time reduction

Speed for all

For new and upgraded 1.5T and 3T systems

Unprecedented image acquisition**

Achieve single heartbeat and free-breathing scans effortlessly

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MR image reconstruction with AIR™ Recon DL

Evolve your MRI scanner's capabilities: experience exceptional image quality without compromising scan time

Revolutionizing MR

Capture clarity with AIR™ Recon DL and be part of the deep-learning revolution

Sharpening imaging with DL

This delivers improved SNR and sharpens images by up to 60%

Optimizing scan time

Up to 50% faster, improving productivity and the patients’ experience

Empowering everyone

Works seamlessly with any GE HealthCare MR scanner, regardless of anatomy, and coils

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AIR x™ – prescribing precision MRI slices

Discover AIR x™ delivering automatic MRI slice placement for workflow efficiency.

Automatic slice placement

Automatically detect anatomy and prescribe MRI slice

Consistent and accurate images

Deliver consistent results regardless of pathology, patient position, and technologist

Time savings

Save time with automatic MRI prescription and avoid rescans

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*Data on file, 2023, Sonic DL™ vs fully sampled CINE acquisition.
**Compared to previous generation MR acceleration techniques.
Unlocking the future of MR Imaging

Enhanced MR Imaging through Deep Learning

Discover how deep learning applications are redefining the boundaries of speed, quality and efficiency in MR imaging.

Traditionally, MR has fundamental tradeoff between signal to noise ratio, resolution and scan time. Today, GE HealthCare is pioneering the use of deep learning applications to overcome these challenges.

Deep learning with SIGNA™ MRI scanners plays a significant role in improving workflow and productivity in MR by automating tasks, enhancing accuracy, and providing valuable improvements

Sonic DL™ - Life-speed imaging

Sonic DL™ is GE HealthCare's MR’s most rapid-acceleration technique yet, significantly speeding up scan time without sacrificing image quality even for unwell or uncooperative patients. Through Sonic DL™, scans previously deemed impossible can now be successfully attained.

AIR™ Recon DL – Capturing clarity

AIR™ Recon DL is a pioneering, deep-learning based reconstruction algorithm which challenges the inherent trade-off between SNR, scan time and image resolution. It enhances image quality at the foundational level. By integrating trained neural networks directly into the reconstruction process, it effectively eliminates noise and ringing artifacts from the raw data.

AIR x™ - prescribing precision MRI slices

AIR x™ uses deep-learning algorithms to automatically detect patient anatomy and prescribe MRI slices, delivering consistent and quantifiable results regardless of operators and experience. Additionally, the automated workflow streamlines processes improving the efficiency of same patient follow-up examinations.

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