Upgrades for SIGNA™

The power to upgrade your current systems to the latest advancements in MR
At a glance

Flexible solutions

Choose the upgrade option that fits your needs

Stay current

Don’t miss out on the latest technology

Maximize your MR

Extend the life of your current system

Solid investment

Get an up-to-date system at a fraction of the cost

Get your MR equipment up-to-date with MR’s latest capabilities through a wide range of upgrade options for the latest advancements in MR, no matter what your current system model is.

To match the life of your magnet, Upgrades for SIGNA™ provides state-of-the-art MR upgrades in flexible and customizable options that ensure your upgrade best fits your equipment. These aren’t just options though, these are clinically impactful solutions, so whichever one is ideal for you, know your organization’s patient care will benefit from the latest and greatest in MR innovations.

Keep your upgrade options open

Upgrades for SIGNA™ gives you the power of choice in upgrading just your software, upgrading your software and hardware or upgrading to a completely new system built around your existing magnet. Depending on which MR model you have, there may a couple of options available to you.

With Upgrades for SIGNA™, it is all about making the right equipment upgrade decision easy for your organization.

Update your system with MR 30 for SIGNA™

Future proof your SIGNA™ MRI scanner to enable personalized, end-to-end clinical solutions.

Open up with SIGNA™ Evo

Breathe new life into legacy MR systems with SIGNA™ Evo – the world’s first and only narrow-to-wide bore transformation for 1.5T and 3.0T systems.

Upgrade with a System lift

Get a next generation system built around your existing magnet.

Smart Subscription for MR

Expand your capabilities with our cost-effective MR management solution. Access the latest MR technology, synchronize your fleet and improve efficiency.

MR application for SIGNA™


Fast body scanning of pelvis, abdomen, breast, and prostate areas with user flexibility, adapts to different patient types.


Insights into vascular structure, flow dynamics, access morphology, flow, function and tissue viability.


Applications to image brain, spine, vascular and peripheral nerve anatomy with exceptional tissue contrast.

Onco Works:

Capture anatomic and morphologic data to uniquely enable oncological assessment of anatomy.


MSK imaging techniques that provide imaging of bone, joint and soft tissue with remarkable tissue.


Specialized protocols to simply address the needs of your smallest, most fragile patients.

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