Partnerships & Solutions

Working as one to put people at the heart of healthcare transformation.

Why Partnerships in Healthcare?

Global healthcare requires a new way of thinking

As the world’s population ages and chronic disease levels rise, healthcare systems must innovate in order to cope with increasing demand. But the solutions to rising costs, high workforce burden, staff shortages, and variations in care quality are complex. If a COVID-19 world has proven anything, it’s that population health challenges are evolving, often at a faster pace than the systems in place can keep up with.

In order to stay on top of the increasing pressures, we must find novel systems that are flexible in the longterm, adaptable to change, and resilient to uncertainty. Tackling the evolving challenges of global healthcare requires a new way of thinking.

Our Partnership Approach and Offerings

Realizing the potential of technology transformation is complex and requires a different approach.

Technology can provide cost-effective solutions for timely, accessible and high-quality healthcare. But translating that potential into real-world benefits presents a challenge for many healthcare providers.

That’s why we take a person-centered approach to technology-enabled transformation. Harnessing the power of digital, artificial intelligence and medical technology innovations to make a meaningful difference to patients, carers and providers of healthcare.


Care Quality Focus

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Collaborative Mindset

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Implementation Expert


Technology Innovator

People not technology at the centre, the patient and the healthcare professional are priority

Workforce development
Supporting the talent acquisition and development strategy across clinical, operational and leadership.

Operational excellence
Facilitating your development as a centre of operational excellence

Clinical innovation
Shaping a long-term growth and innovation strategy in a rapidly changing environment

Financial optimization

Advising how best to balance long-term medical technology needs with financial constraints

Healthcare Infrastructure & Development

Working as one to plan, develop, deliver, and sustain your healthcare project.

Providing technology and technology-related services to the healthcare infrastructure industry to support the development of new build or renovation, public or private, single departments or whole hospitals projects. Leverage from a dedicated team of experts with a range of solutions for healthcare providers, designers, advisors, constructors, investors, owners and operators as well as specialist packaging companies who serve the healthcare infrastructure market.

• Funding Solutions
• Hospital Planning and Design
• Clinical Department Solutions

Healthcare Technology Management

Working as one to balance long-term medical technology needs with financial constraints.

Supporting government and private healthcare providers through the co-creation of solutions and risk-sharing approaches that improve outcomes for health systems and their patients. Example approaches include technology partnerships that provide integrative solutions for better clinical workflow and managed equipment service that provide a ‘pay for service’ expenditure plan that covers equipment, maintenance and an array of project cost, such as training.

• Managed Services
• Innovative Business Models

Healthcare Analytic & Digital Solutions

Working as one to develop a digital strategy, enabled by a digital mindset, analytics & AI.

As the world’s premier digital industrial company, GE has the digital infrastructure and capabilities to support healthcare providers to become an integrated health system that provides real-time and predictive information, disease management, remote monitoring and telemedicine services.

• Digital Partnerships
• Analytical Solutions

Healthcare Transformation Services

Working as one to shape a long-term growth and innovation strategy in a rapidly changing environment.

A range of clinical pathway offerings and operational solutions customized to your needs to help you overcome the challenge of increasing operational efficiencies, reducing financial burdens, and improving clinical outcomes. Supporting the redesign of clinical pathways, the development of practices and tools to strengthen the governance infrastructure and enabling the establishment of a learning and improvement culture. Our expert and experienced team will work with you to co-develop solutions that enable the safe, effective and efficient delivery of car

• Clinical Pathway Offerings
• Solution Governance & Execution Excellence