Aisys CS² with End tidal Control (EtC)**

Our most advanced Carestation, the Aisys CS²* helps you focus on the patient, use time more efficiently and improve your workflow.

Precision and simplicity are integrated into the Aisys CS2 Carestation*.

Aisys CS2 Carestation offers  unified anaesthesia experience by integrating patient monitoring solutions, advanced anesthesia delivery featuring End tidal Control (EtC) and unique patient ventilation capabilities.

Ventilation, vaporization, and gas delivery are all digitally controlled, measured and displayed on a sleek and intuitive interface. Sophisticated communication protocols enable digital communication of comprehensive patient and system data.

Aisys CS2 is designed to grow with you as your needs evolve. Just update the software to enhance the functionality of your system or add optional clinical decision support tools and information management systems.


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