Carestation™ Insights Agent Cost Application

Optimize the benefits of low-flow anaesthesia with a tool that tracks anaesthetic agent use and emissions
At a Glance

Automatic data capture

Once cost inputs are set up, data is easily collected without further manual entry

Helps reduce OR costs

Used to help control agent expense by tracking agent use and costs

Simplified analyses

Track progress with single OR and averaged OR monthly data anytime, anywhere

Assess sustainability goals

Track greenhouse gas emissions data to show environmental impact

Anaesthetic agents are a large ongoing expense, so let's see how we can help you control costs and be eco-friendly.

The Carestation Insights Agent Cost App helps you implement a low-flow anaesthesia strategy by providing visibility to fresh gas flows across all connected Aisys™ CS² Anaesthesia Delivery Systems. It analyzes flow data to deliver insights on your personal devices about inhalational anaesthetic agent use, costs and greenhouse gas emissions to help you adopt low-flow anaesthesia practices and support your green sustainability initiatives.

Confident patient care with an intelligent OR ecosystem

Watch the story of how Dr. Johnson, Chief of Anaesthesiology, transformed her hectic day into a streamlined workflow using the Aisys CS2 Anaesthesia Delivery System with End-tidal Control and Carestation Insights Applications. Dr. Johnson is a fictional character.

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Visualize anaesthetic agent use

By lowering flows, volatile anaesthetic agent expense can be minimized, resulting in less waste and emissions. The Carestation Insights Agent Cost App lets you follow the impact of practicing low-flow anaesthesia.

Driving down greenhouse gas emissions while saving cost on anaesthetic agents

The Porta Sole Clinical Institute in Italy is using Carestation Insights Agent Cost application to optimise the benefits of low-flow anaesthesia, reducing both the cost of anaesthetic agents and greenhouse gas emissions. Clinic owner Marco Cucchia, anaesthesiologists Dr. Chiara Piergiovanni and Dr. Gianfranco Toni, and Carlo Ciarapica, operating room (OR) nursing staff lead and OR activities coordinator, describe the positive impact of implementing change management using the Agent Cost application.

“Our goal is always to use the most advanced technologies for our patients’ care. This solution allows us to use automatically controlled anaesthesia to reduce anaesthetic agent costs and CO2 emissions.”
“I’d like to say this is a win-win opportunity, where you can save money and contribute to a greener world, so what are you waiting for?”

Mr Marco Cucchia,
Clinic Owner, Porta Sole Clinical Institute,
Perugia, Italy

The Carestation Insights Agent Cost App was used to track these improvements with a simple, visual dashboard analysis. Using EtC enables safe low-flow anaesthesia, while the Carestation Insights Agent Cost application provided the perfect tool to understand current protocols, so that the clinic could now 1.) identify opportunities for improvement, 2.) monitor the effects of behavioural change when adopting new protocols, and 3.) show positive progress to the anaesthesia staff on the benefits of practicing new low-flow protocols over time. A 34 % decrease in anaesthetic agent cost per minute and CO2 emissions was achieved in just five months, without compromising quality and safety, contributing to more sustainable healthCare.

No manual steps required

Automatic flow tracking

When the maintenance phase of anaesthesia begins, flows are lowered from the higher rates used during induction. The Carestation Insights Agent Cost App accounts for this and automatically changes with advanced algorithms and visualizations—avoiding additional manual steps or relying on manual data entry.
A tool to drive change

Improving adherence to low-flow protocols

The app provides feedback for every case and aggregates data across connected ORs—helping hospitals see how clinicians are performing. By drilling down to case level details hospitals can identify non-compliant providers, to help adopt low-flow practices while respecting case workflows.
A greener world

Reduce OR emissions. Be eco-friendly.

With an understanding of anaesthesia phase workflows and the right information at the right time, the Carestation Insights Agent Cost App helps you identify opportunities to improve your department’s operational costs and achieve your sustainability goals.

Support OR clinical, efficiency, and financial goals with application dashboards that leverage data from your Aisys CS² anaesthesia delivery systems.

This growing family of analytics applications is designed to harness the power of data from connected anaesthesia machines and translates that data into actionable intelligence so you can optimize the performance of your OR.

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  1. Et Control in the United States is indicated for patients 18 years of age and older.

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