Carestation™️ Insights LIVE Application

View anaesthesia machine and patient monitor data in real time1, while on the move

View data in real time¹

Gain visibility to multiple ORs to support staff when outside the OR

Optimize perioperative care

View anaesthesia therapy being delivered and patient responses to help prioritize medical direction

Support anaesthesia best practices

Manage the adherence to protocols for consistent care

Customizable experience

Choose the alarms and notifications most important to you

Meet the future with an app that lets anaesthesia providers view multiple ORs while on the move, so they can prioritize medical direction

The Carestation Insights LIVE Application captures data from the Aisys CS2 anaesthesia machine and CARESCAPE patient monitors, so you can view anaesthesia machine settings and how therapy is being delivered–all on your Apple phone. Providing real-time1, breath-by-breath data from multiple ORs, the app allows clinicians to review patient status and therapy delivery details before determining if an OR needs additional support.

Confident patient care with an intelligent OR ecosystem

Watch the story of how Dr. Johnson, Chief of Anesthesiology, transformed her hectic day into a streamlined workflow using the Aisys CS2 Anaesthesia Delivery System with End-tidal Control and Carestation Insights Applications. Dr. Johnson is a fictional character.

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View and identify. Prioritize and act.

Real-time¹ for real life

Anaesthesia managers are asked to supervise multiple anaesthesia providers who may be in cases at the same time. By displaying real-time data from multiple ORs, the Carestation Insights LIVE app brings a new level of confidence for managers to prioritize medical direction.
Support your staff on the go

Real-time¹ visibility

Supervising anesthesiologists can view patient responses and assess how anaesthesia therapy is being delivered across multiple ORs, all while on the move throughout the hospital or outside the hospital.
Down to the details

Detailed anaesthesia case data

This convenient tool uses your smartphone to view multiple ORs, simultaneously, or view single-room case details with high-fidelity waveforms and trends.
What’s important to you?

Customizable notifications

Select alarm notifications you think are critical when outside the OR. A customized interface allows you to drill down to case details that help you decide when you need to be in the right OR at the right time.

Support OR clinical, efficiency, and financial goals with application dashboards that leverage data from your Aisys CS² anaesthesia delivery systems.

This growing family of analytics applications is designed to harness the power of data from connected anaesthesia machines and translates that data into actionable intelligence so you can optimize the performance of your OR.

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  1. Actual time may vary slightly due to hospital network and processing times. Data collected from Aisys™ CS2 Anaesthesia Machine and CARESCAPE™ Patient Monitors. NOTE: This product does not generate data or alarms, but transmits data from the OR and displays active alarms in the room for awareness. Images are representative of the product but may change in future product software updates.
  2. Et Control in the United States is indicated for patients 18 years and older.

    NOTE: Screen images are representative of the products, but may change in future product software updates.

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