Carestation™️ Insights OR Workflow Application

Improve perioperative productivity with real-time and trended data analysis
At a Glance

Helps increase OR utilization

Visualize case phase status in real time* to help prioritize OR turnover

Track efficiency gains

Calculated OR efficiency score shows improvements over time

Assists patient care

Make sure PACU beds are ready when patients emerge from the OR

Real-time and retrospective analysis

Track delays and find potential improvements without manual data entry

Time translates directly into revenue and number of patients cared for, so it’s vital to enhance OR efficiencies.

Workflow and scheduling issues can reduce OR utilization by 10% per year.¹ Even advanced systems, if reliant on manual or oral inputs, can have errors and slow workflow. And with operating room delays costing more than $60 per minute.³ Inefficiency can become a burden. This application algorithmically determines case phase and OR status in real time without the need for manual data entry.

Confident patient care with an intelligent OR ecosystem

Watch the story of how Dr. Johnson, Chief of Anaesthesiology, transformed her hectic day into a streamlined workflow using the Aisys™ CS2 Anaesthesia Delivery System with End-tidal Control and Carestation Insights Applications. Dr. Johnson is a fictional character.

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Putting the app to work

Goodbye manual entry

The Carestation OR Workflow application determines the current status of each room and each case algorithmically, based on data from the anaesthesia machine. It then displays a view of your ORs and prioritizes those needing attention.
Which room is finishing up?

Operating room status

The application tracks and analyzes clinician interactions with the anaesthesia machine to determine current case phase. Emerging cases are listed first along with length of the emergence phase.
Simplify to one score

Efficiency scorecard

Efficiency statistics such as utilization, turnover time, first case starts, case volume and time spent in each phase of anaesthesia are calculated, displayed and tracked over time. This can be further simplified with a single overall efficiency score that is calculated based on customizable weights assigned to each efficiency metric.

Support OR clinical, efficiency, and financial goals with application dashboards that leverage data from your Aisys CS² anaesthesia delivery systems.

This growing family of analytics applications is designed to harness the power of data from connected anaesthesia machines and translates that data into actionable intelligence so you can optimize the performance of your OR.

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*Actual time may vary slightly due to hospital network and processing times.

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  4. Et Control in the United States is indicated for patients 18 years of age and older.

    NOTE: Screen images are representative of the products, but may change in future product software updates.

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