Giraffe Stand-alone Resucitation system

Get the advanced technology and innovative design you needthat help you deliver to delivery neonatal resuscitation therapy quickly and safely.

Fast, Easy, Integrated Resuscitation

The Giraffe* Stand-alone Infant Resuscitation System provides you with access to critical equipment you need for safe, effective resuscitation of the newborns in your care. And it’s so portable that you can set it up anywhere you need it, from Labor and Delivery to NICU to well-baby nursery.

With our Giraffe Stand-alone Infant Resuscitation System, you'll get:

  • Critical capabilities you need
  • Innovations you can rely on
  • All in one compact unit


Enjoy advanced solutions for quickly and safely delivering neonatal resuscitation therapy to your precious, high-risk newborns:

Effective, reliable airway management

  • Fully integrated, gas-powered suction device is built in to help you quickly clear the airway. 

  • Suction canister holder accommodates various sizes and is easily accessible for single-patient use. 

Gentle breathing stimulation 

Gentle ventilation to stimulate breathing

  • Dual flow meter design helps you deliver consistent flow. 

  • O2 blender allows you to easily change oxygen concentrations from 21% to 100%. 

Available exclusively on Bag-mask andthe T-Piece Resuscitation System:

Precise and controlled Peak Inspiratory Pressure (PIP) and Positive End Expiratory Pressure (PEEP)

  • Essential for adequate oxygenation and Functional Residual Capacity

  • Set prior to resuscitation, the desired levels are maintained automatically throughout the procedure

User-frlendly PIP safety valve

  • Easily activated with just one hand

  • Adjust to 30 cmH2O without interrupting the procedure

  • Easily adjust to 45 cmH2O to help ensure maximum pressure isn’t exceeded


Get exceptional performance every time:

  • Consistent performance: Clinician’s bag @ 20/5 x 40 bpm

Manual Bag & Mask vs. T-Piece:
These results demonstrate that when used properly, T-Piece style resuscitation may provide for more consistent pressure delivery compared to manual self- or flow-inflating resuscitator bags.1

  • Faster pressure adjustment: Transition time from 20 to 40 cmH2O

Resuscitation system performance
The design of GE Healthcare resuscitation systems eases adjustment of maximum inspiratory pressure to speed transition to the desired pressure level.

  • Improved performance: ~3x faster transition from 20 to 40 cmH2O

Resuscitation T-Piece performance
The improved transition time for adjustment of the T-Piece system results in an approximately three-times faster transition to desired pressure and correspondingly fewer breaths within the transition time.

  1. Bennett, S.; Finer, N.N.; Rich, W., and Vaucher, Y. A comparison of three neonatal resuscitation devices. Resuscitation. 67 (2005): 113-8.

  2. Finer, N.N.; Rich, W.; and Craft, A.; and Henderson, C. Comparison of bag and mask ventilation for neonatal resuscitation. Resuscitation. 49 (2001): 299-305. 3 Lynam, L.; Boyd, L.C., and Tsitlik. A. Bench evaluation of a novel T-Piece Resuscitation System design. Abstract, GE Healthcare, 2007. 

360° View


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  • Integrated Suction

    A venturi vacuum supplies continuous suction range from 0 to 150 mm Hg (0-20 kPa) as per local resuscitation protocol for clearing of the oral, tracheal and nasal passages. Suction control knob lets you adjust desired negative pressure.
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  • Integrated Pressure Manometer

    Conveniently located for viewing. Displays both the PIP (Peak Inspiratory Pressure) and PEEP (Positive End Expiratory Pressure).
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  • PIP Control

    The Peak Inspiratory Pressure (PIP) control knob and a flow meter regulate medical gas supplied to a dedicated T-piece outlet.
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  • Integrated Blender

    Eliminates the need for an external system and additional tubing. Regulate FiO2 from 21 to 100% oxygen with the control knob located on the front panel.
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  • Flow Meter & Control

    Primary flow meter and control knob let you set desired flow rate. A secondary flow meter outlet and control knob for free flowing oxygen blow-by.
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  • Blended Gas Outlet Ports

    Primary gas outlet port to connect GE’s T-piece circuit. Auxiliary gas outlet port to connect Oxygen tubing for blended free flow Oxygen.
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