Vivid E Series Ultra Edition

Imagine a system that addresses some of your biggest challenges.

Image quality

Superb image quality overdriven by the launch of cSound ADAPT

Extreme productivity

Our latest AI-based technologies can help improve workflow efficiency

Clinical versatility

Our most premium offering to serve all your echoLab, interventional, and pediatric needs

Modern ergonomics

A familiar, modern, and efficient design with excellent operator interface

Your patients rely on you. You can rely on us. You can rely on Vivid Ultra Edition.

The Vivid E series ultrasound systems have been updated to meet today’s challenges. To allow further improved image quality in both 2D and 4D, as well as reduce tedious tasks and inter-operator variability from the simple to the most complex cases.

Achieve clinical excellence

The Vivid E series has been updated to meet today’s challenges. To allow further improved image quality in both 2D and 4D as well as reduce tedious tasks and inter-operator variability, from the simple to the most complex cases.

Improving your comfort, every day

Sonographers and echo imagers perform many exams on a daily basis, and in cases with difficult to visualize anatomies, measurement precision can be affected. With the growing need for follow-up exams, accuracy and repeatability can help reduce incorrect diagnosis and treatments.

To help improve reading comfort, our High-Definition Ultrasound (HDU) display provides a whole new level of visualization, with a larger 23.8” image display and excellent image quality. Magnified images help echo imagers work more comfortably every day and see small details more easily, aiding in interpretation with multi-image layouts, like multi-plane and 3D.

Seamless integration with post-processing and review workflows through open 4D multivendor

EchoPAC Software Only and EchoPAC Plug-in allow users to analyze and review data from any Vivid ultrasound system, as well as DICOM images from other ultrasound systems. DICOM SR Measurement Transfer, including standard and custom measurement allows seamless integration with GE Healthcare and other industry reporting systems and EMRs.

Maximize the Vivid lifecycle experience while minimizing your total cost of ownership

Purchasing a GE Healthcare ultrasound is not only getting access to a high-technology or remarkable clinical applications. It’s about enjoying a new user experience, at every step of ownership. We help you to outperform today, while preparing your department for tomorrow’s challenges.
What your peers are saying


“The GE 4Vc-D probe with cSound ADAPT sharpens images, increasing contrast resolution and improving diagnostic confidence. In our use we experienced that the imaging enhancements reduced non diagnostic images, improved productivity and workload by reducing scan time and improving ergonomics."
Lill Merete Skretteberg Lindøe
Echo technician
Oslo University Hospital, Norway

"CT Fusion Live allows a better understanding of the anatomy during those structural interventions that require CT planning."
Laura Sanchis Ruiz
Hospital Clinic Barcelona, Spain

"The new Easy AFI LV speeds up strain measurements and simultaneously provides an automated LV ejection fraction measurement. Once good standard views are acquired, the GE strain algorithm enables incredibly robust strain measurements!”
Prof. Erwan Donal
University Hospital Center, Rennes, France

"The new advanced 4D tools are extraordinary to use in the cathlab. On a MitraClip procedure, Flexislice Extend helps to adjust the orientation of the clip, on eccentric prolapsing valves while ensuring a controlled grasping maneuver. Dual crop is also a great tool as it gives simultaneous visualization of both atrial and ventricular views in 4D which is very useful in certain cases such as paravalvular leaks"
Martin Kloeckner
Hospital Marie-Lannelongue, Le Plessis-Robinson, France

"The new 9VT-D probe has become an essential tool for any Tertiary Pediatric Cardiology Department. Its revolutionary design combines high quality imaging for any pediatric patient from neonates to teenagers, both in 2D and 3D, and the most advanced and user-friendly real time 4D tools that help users obtain clinically meaningful images. The new 9VT-D probe is an essential tool to ensure an optimal result for pediatric patients during cardiac interventional procedures, both in Cath lab and EP lab, and during any complex cardiac surgery intervention as it offers perfect real time visualization of any cardiac structure."
Dr. Ferrán Rosés i Noguer
Head of Pediatric Cardiology
Vall d´Hebron Hospital - Barcelona, Spain

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