Innovative Business Models

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When it comes to financing, every healthcare provider is faced with a different set of challenges. That’s why no two financing solutions are identical. Each option needs to be custom built around a provider’s immediate needs and long-term goals.

Performance Partnership

Performance-partnership contracts tie (re)payment to (pre)arranged key performance indicators of an asset or service. These arrangements are suited to partners pursuing ambitious quality and efficiency goals.

What are the Key Advantages?
• Partners share responsibility to improve performance
• Partners share operational risk

Unitary Payment

Unitary payment combines capital investment and service fees into a regular flat fee. These arrangements are suited to providers seeking stable cashflow through fixed payments to release frozen capital tied n upfront technology purchases.

What are the Key Advantages?
• Financial predictability for providers
• Simple vendor relationships


Pay-for-use works on a cost-per-result arrangement. There arrangements are suited to providers who prefer variable-cost models and seek a partner to share in the risk of the asset or service being utilised.

What are the Key Advantages?
• No up-front cost for provider
• Aligned incoming and outgoing cashflows

Subscription payment

The Subscription payment is a hybrid arrangement between the unitary and pay-for-use models. A fixed monthly payment is charged up to a specific volume. Additional usage of the service or asset incurs fees at agreed-upon rates. This arrangement is suited to providers who require financial predictability and flexibility.

What are the Key Advantages?
• Providers can optimize incoming and outgoing cashflows
• Arrangement could include service/asset innovation at no extra cost

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