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Managed Equipment Services (MES) is the outsourcing of all aspects of medical technology to a third-party company that specialises in providing this type of service. At GE Partnerships and Solutions we supply across various hospital departments including Radiology, Ultrasound, Patient Care Services, Theatres, Pathology and Endoscopy.

Why Managed Equipment Services (MES)?

The outsourcing of non-core activities is common in large organisations seeking to mitigate risk. This enables the healthcare provider to focus on its core role of providing a high standard of clinical services to patients.

MES provide a strategic approach to managing technology, maintaining equipment to a high standard, and replacing components through an agreed investment plan. This ensures that patients and clinicians always have access to the required standard of equipment to perform their work. This reduces clinical risk and increases productivity.

how it works

Core components of our MES

The six components of our MES include; Technology Planning, Financial Strategy, Technology Acquisition, Operations and Maintenance, Performance Improvement and Growth & Business development.

How does a GE Healthcare MES add value?

Systemic changes across the healthcare sector, coupled with a rapidly evolving and aging population make it increasingly difficult for organisations to deliver sustainable, high-quality care that’s backed by the right technology. That’s why a GE Healthcare MES can go beyond the ordinary to extraordinary with value added components that are designed to support lasting partnerships with customers.

Standard MES

• Bundled equipment, service, turnkey and funding for a predictable flat fee
• GE takes risk on funding, inflation, and future equipment/service prices

Technology Partnership

• GE makes investment in workforce development & process optimisation, technology & digital solutions and value-creating offerings and activities designed to generate increasing impact
• We jointly define goals and measures of success

Performance Partnership

• GE takes risk on delivering outcomes such as: Increased throughput, Patient flows, faster diagnostics and treatment pathways and Financial outcomes
• Hospitals commit to resources and GE content
• Potential for outcome-linked contract payment and financial results shared with care provider

Multi-Vendor Service – Healthcare Technology Management

Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) is a multivendor solution created through collaboration with our customers and an understanding of their unique challenges. Our goals are to improve operational efficiency, enhance quality and reduce service-related costs.

GE Healthcare's HTM offering includes multivendor services (MVS) as a core component covering a maintenance service across an entire fleet of assets.

Our MVS platform complements the key value-added components of HTM such as data & analytics, asset utilisation and technology planning.

Our offering reduces the complexity and high cost of service agreements with multiple manufacturers.
Our HTM solution is driven by collaboration and an understanding of customer challenges and situations. This flexible programme, enabled by data and analytics, offers core maintenance services, and includes attributes that go beyond break-fix. We help you optimise asset utilisation, customise the right service plan for your organisation, and adapt your programme to changing needs. Our goal is to help organisations enhance quality, improve operational efficiency, and reduce service-related cost.


Maintenance and management of all imaging and Radiology equipment
  • • Delivered through tailored flexible contracts
  • • Covering all major brands
  • • Using OEM trained engineers
  • • Offering advanced remote capabilities such as predictive monitoring


Fleet management approach
  • • Maintenance of all OEM brands
  • • Advanced probe repair including loaners
  • • Probe library and critical parts stock on site
  • • Loaner systems for maximum uptime
  • • Buy back options


Integrated asset management program
  • • Maintenance and repair of all biomedical equipment
  • • Efficiency programs to reduce cost of service
  • • Improved utilisation of assets, inventory control and system-wide processes
  • • Development of an Equipment Lifecycle Management Strategy

The continuum from standard based equipment replacement to an outcome-based partnership.

Download our illustration of outcome based partnerships.

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Hospital health systems strive to optimize financial and operational outcomes, helping to continuously improve quality care. At GE Healthcare, our data-driven solutions are focused on the things that matter most to our customers. This includes care delivery management, enterprise imaging and population health insights. We enable growth and help reduce lifetime cost of owning and operating assets by working across the asset value chain.

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