Perioperative Care

GE's focus on innovation in anaesthesia delivery helps clinicians improve clinical outcomes with solutions that are tailored to individual patient needs. GE anaesthesia platforms are intuitive, integrated and adaptable - allowing you to focus on the patient.

  • Anaesthesia Solutions

    Adequacy of Anaesthesia

    The Adequacy of Anaesthesia* (AoA) concept helps clinicians deliver an individually tailored anaesthesia and may help in their goal to improve patients' outcomes.

    Carestation 600 Series

    The CarestationTM 600 series (620/650/650c) is a suite of compact, versatile and easy to use anesthesia systems designed to help solve today’s toughest challenges.

    9100c NXT

    9100c NXT is a precise anaesthesia solution that gives you peace of mind by supporting an easy and trustful anaesthesia delivery experience
  • Vaporizers and Cassettes

    Tec 6 Plus

    A sophisticated and easily controllable electronic vaporizer, Tec* 6 Plus lets you deliver Desflurane with confidence.

    Aladin2 Cassettes

    Agent specific Aladin 2* Cassettes can be used to deliver isoflurane, sevoflurane and desflurane anaesthetic agents.

We put the patient at the heart of technology

  • Prediction of Post-Operative Pain with Surgical Pleth Index

  • Maintaining targeted patient oxygen concentration

  • Applying intraoperative lung protection ventilation

  • Optimizing Intubation and Extubation with accurate NMT technology

  • Optimizing drug delivery for enhanced patient care

  • Advancing intraoperative pain response management

  • Optimizing anaesthetic agent delivery