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  • Host: Ben Newton, General Manager Oncology, GE Healthcare

    Prof. Rod Hicks, University of Melbourne, Australia
    Dr. Simon Williams, D. Phil, Department of Biomedical Imaging, Genentech Inc., USA

    Prof. Michael C. Kreissl, University Hospital Magdeburg, Germany

    Prof. Dr. Karolien Goffin, University Hospital Leuven, Belgium

    Prof. Andrei Iagaru, Stanford University, USA


Nuclear Medicine


Introducing StarGuide, our most advanced SPECT/CT featuring advanced Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) technology designed to usher in a new era of discovery for Nuclear Medicine. Physicians and researchers utilizing its powerful, GE Healthcare-developed CZT technology need such tools to explore and expand the understanding of the patient condition and help improve patient outcomes.

Xeleris™ V

With Xeleris V, GE Healthcare’s new virtual processing and review solution for nuclear medicine, we have removed the restraints of a dedicated processing and review station. Together with Smart Subscription and advanced AI applications powered by Edison™, we are transforming the way nuclear medicine works.


The number of challenging cardiac patient cases grows, there’s a real need for cardiac-specific imaging solutions. Tough cardiac cases require a different approach to patient comfort, image quality and workflow. This is why we built MyoSPECTTM, a cardiac-dedicated SPECT designed and engineered from the inside out by the same manufacturer to accurately see the story in every heartbeat.


Discovery™ MI Gen 2.

Discovery MI was created to both accelerate your research and enhance your clinical work. It is engineered to provide an impressive 30 centimeters of coverage and paired with a diagnostic CT that allows deep- learning based image reconstruction. It features our new Whole Body Dynamic IQ Protocol11,2

Whole Body Dynamic IQ Protocol.

To truly understand how tissue is behaving, you have to account for time. WB Dynamic IQ Protocol1 provides you with the potential to better identify regions of metabolic activity and increased tracer uptake rate2.


SIGNA™ PET/MR with QuantWorks – 60 cm

SIGNA™ PET/MR with QuantWorks is built with pioneering TOF and integrated with a 3.0T MR. Its impressive quantitative accuracy and high count rate combined with innovative Q.Clear reconstruction delivers 2x improvement in image quality. It includes a comprehensive suite of applications and flexible research tools.

PET Radiopharmacy

Total Gallium

Total Gallium, GE’s cyclotron-produced 68Ga supply solution, is an integrated suite of technologies and support that ensures a consistent, reliable, and cost-effective supply of 68Ga tracers to meet your clinical and research needs.

It encompasses industry leading technologies such as GE’s TRACERcenter™, PETtrace™, FASTlab™ 2 and 68Ga FASTlab cassettes.

Pharmaceutical Diagnostics

GE Healthcare Pharmaceutical Diagnostics is a leading provider of imaging agents, supporting three patient procedures every second worldwide across MRI, X-ray/CT, ultrasound and nuclear medicine imaging.

1. Whole-body Dynamic IQ Protocol enhances acquisitions currently limited to single FOV dynamic acquisition or manual prescription of multiple whole-body static scans
2. Processing software is needed for diagnostic purposes.