It’s time for a simply better MR experience.
It’s time for a simply better MR experience.

It’s time for an experience that embraces the clinical power of MR with a more ubiquitous design. For us, this is AIR™. Our family of products that includes an award-winning coil design, intelligent productivity applications and all-new reconstruction software. Altogether, AIR™ delivers clinical versatility and comfort, intelligent productivity improvements and consistently superior image quality.


AIR™ is more than a name

It’s also more than AIR™ Coils. It’s a way of thinking. A symbol for how we approach both the form and the function of MR. From coils to workflow to image quality, we deconstruct everything down to its most fundamental, simplified version. And improve it. Each new innovation builds off of this core philosophy, increasing the value of the greater AIR™ ecosystem.

Holistically, AIR™ is MR. Simply better.

Each one brings something unique to the family

Each AIR™ product plays a role in transforming the MR experience. AIR™ Coils are light and flexible, making them comfortable for patients to wear and easy for technologists to handle. AIR™ Workflow applications automate and personalize fundamental steps in the MR workflow, so you can expect consistent image quality and exam times from any technologist. Now, AIR™ Recon reconstruction software is making exceptional image quality in faster scan times the new standard for MR. Explore the gallery below to see the clinical potential of individual AIR™ products.

It all links up to a simply better image

What really sets our AIR™ family of products apart is the way they all work together. It started with an engineering breakthrough that led to the industry’s first truly lightweight coil design and laid the groundwork for intelligent workflow applications and an all-new reconstruction algorithm. Each one builds off of the potential of the rest of the family, creating a chain of innovation that all links together to transform the entire MR experience.

Awarded Best New Radiology Device of 2019, AIR™ Coils are the foundation of a simply better MR experience. The engineering breakthrough at the heart of our AIR™ Coils allowed us to create the industry’s first truly lightweight, flexible design, laying the groundwork for greater positioning freedom and a comfortable patient experience.

Experience versatility

 AIR™ Anterior array Coil
    • ≥ 60% lighter design compared to previous generations of conventional coil technology
    • Clearly marked guides
    • Flexible, ultra-low profile design to fit all sizes, shapes and ages
    • Highest channel count and coverage in the industry
    • No snapping or locking
    • Space-saving design

Get closer with adaptive MR

The shape of the coil no longer determines what you can do with it. Wrap it around a knee for a complete knee image. Move it from that knee to an elbow without having to move the patient. Drape it over the torso of a high BMI patient if you need to. With the adaptive AIR™ Coil that is light, form fitting and easy to position, it’s the closest you can get to total positioning freedom with 360-degree coverage.

Like being wrapped in a blanket

We wanted to design a coil that would free patients from the experience of traditional coils by replacing that experience with one that is both comfortable and comforting, like being wrapped in a blanket. AIR™ not only behaves like a blanket, it truly feels like one. Its light weight is evenly distributed without any concentrated points of pressure to help patients feel more at ease. From young or claustrophobic patients to professional athletes, AIR™ comfortably conforms to the size and shape of every patient.

Every time we found ourselves starting to
compromise, we started over


This simple loop breaks every mold

It took two separate, but simultaneous research projects to develop the innovative technologies at the heart of AIR Technology™. Together, they consolidate the functionality of the coil for efficiency. This simplified design is the basis for a revolutionary coil that is lighter, offers more flexibility and provides greater coverage.*
  • E-mode electronics
    Its small size is its biggest strength

  • Conductor loop
    Flexibility that's way ahead of the curve

It turns out you can out-engineer conventional wisdom

Developing a light, flexible loop is one thing, but finding a way to control loop-to-loop interactions was no small feat of engineering. Because of the low profile and performance of the E-mode electronics module, we were able to place it right at the base of each loop where it can better control the surrounding magnetic and electric fields. This allowed us to break free from critical overlap restrictions and arrange elements closer together.

Get closer to what you need to see

Since the very first MR, coils have been both a bridge and a barrier between radiologists and what they need to see. The flexibility of AIR™ makes it less of a barrier. By bringing the elements closer to the area-of-interest, it improves image quality. It also opens up opportunities to image patient types and anatomies that previously were challenging to image with conventional coil designs.

Intelligent productivity improvements.

Using innovative AI, AIR™ Workflow builds off of our innovative AIR™ Coils with AIR Touch™ and AIR x™, two automated applications that make a clinically impactful difference through a simply better* workflow.
AIR Touch™

Ready to know

AIR Touch™ is part of our patient recognition solutions. It’s a predictive and proactive solution that automatically selects the best coil element combinations for each patient over the precise area-of-interest. By the time you’re ready to scan, you already know you’re going to get the best image possible for your patient.

AIR x™

Intelligent MR slice prescription

AIR x™ uses deep learning algorithms to automatically detect and prescribe slices for routine and challenging neurological exams, delivering consistent and quantifiable results. The automated workflow optimizes technologist efficiency and reproducible planning to ensure exam consistency for same patient follow-up.


Consistently superior Image Quality.

Reconstruction is at the heart of every scan and reducing noise during reconstruction is critical to achieving clear images. AIR™ Image Quality completes the AIR™ family of products with image reconstruction software that helps improve SNR and image sharpness in images without having to overcompensate in your scanning protocol.

AIR™ Recon DL*

Level up your image quality

AIR™ Recon DL is a pioneering, deep-learning based reconstruction algorithm that improves SNR and image sharpness, enabling shorter scan times. It improves image quality at the foundational level by making use of the raw data to remove image noise and ringing.

Conventional (1:59 min.) vs. AIR™ Recon DL (1:18 min.)

See true-to-MR detail

From image noise to ringing, AIR™ Recon DL uses deep learning to prevent artifacts from ever being introduced to your images. The result is TrueFidelity™ MR Images. Images so clear and so sharp, you can be sure there is nothing in between you and what you need to see.

AIR™ Recon

Make no substitutes for image quality

AIR™ Recon is designed to make exceptional image quality in faster scan times the new standard for MR imaging. It reduces background noise and out-of-FOV artifacts for an improved SNR and clearer, crisper images, making it easier for every technologist to consistently achieve the image quality you need in the first scan. It’s an important step in universalizing exceptional image quality and shorter scan times for all.

Clearly consistent images

AIR™ Recon works in the background, collecting image noise data during prescan and using it to elevate the quality of every image. It’s seamless to use, always on and available on the majority of routine clinical scans. With AIR™ Recon, you can expect clearer image quality the first time, so you can be confident that you won’t have to rescan or reschedule your patients.

Supporting Materials

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**Not CE Marked. Not Available for sale in all regions.

*Currently only available on 3.0T systems