CARESCAPE™ R860 Accessories Smart Sheet

Discover the list of all the accessories available for the CARESCAPE™ R860

D-fend water traps accessories

GE Healthcare’s gas sampling lines are validated and rigorously tested to ensure optimal performance on your GE Healthcare equipment. Water traps in the D-Fend™ range protect your monitors from moisture, contaminations and secretions.

Exhalation Valve accessories

The flow sensor is one of the most important components of your critical care ventilator. It automatically checks patient airway flow and pressure 250 times per second, making it the “eye” of your ventilator.
The CARESCAPE™ R860 flow sensor and exhalation valve assembly (EVA) are available in both single patient use and reusable options.

Other compatible clinical accessories

Discover all the other clinical accessories which are compatible with CARESCAPE™ R860 accessories, including the inspiratory safety guard, patient circuit, spirometry kit, gas sampling line and airway management adaptors.

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